Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A couple posts ago, I challenged some artists to draw my beautiful friend Molly! So here's what our hero Katie Rice came up with!!

I love these!! Molly loves them too. There is sooo much love to handle! These are so pretty. You rock Katie!!!
Kali did this next piece as a gift for Molly and Carl! I think it's fantastic and really captures them! It's hanging up on the wall of their living room! Did you know Kali's having a caricature booth at their wedding later this year???

Some gifts for me:

Niki drew these fun sketches of Kali and me. Thanks buddy! He also has some really nice cute girl drawings on his blog, so check 'em out!

Darby drew this of me. Hahaha! Thanks man. Mr. Potato Head- The Nico Edition!

So these next drawings need a little back-story... David Gemmill and I went to a nightclub a few months ago here in LA. We were both dressed casual; normal t-shirts, normal jeans, normal shoes. We get up to the front doors and this short little jerkoff bouncer says something like, "You know in our establishment, we appreciate the customers being well-dressed." We thought he was kidding, and kinda just laughed and said, "okay." Then he gets really serious. "I'm not joking. We're running a club here and you guys show up in your pajamas? What is this?"

Suddenly we realize he's not joking. Pajamas?? What we are wearing is the same thing that everyone else walking on the street is wearing. So then, instead of apologizing for what the bouncer just said (which I THOUGHT she was gonna do), the hostess says it'll be $5 to get in.
...Sooo, we're supposed to be insulted by the bouncer and then pay $5 for it? David and I just looked at each other and the situation was so ridiculous that both ended up just laughing, turned around without another word and walked right out. What a bunch of little assholes. If that's the way they treat customers at *nightclub name unmentioned*, I don't see how they do much business!

We were joking about returning later that night ACTUALLY in our pajamas. We totally should have done this!!!!!

And then it would have been a happy ending for us, and the many many lucky babes inside. BOOYA!!!!

Stay tuned! My next post has a VERY SPECIAL surprise!!!!!!!!


Kurdt said...

They should make a club where to get in you have to be wearing pajamas. That would be sweet!

Niki said...

The club sounds like a pretty good cartoon idea. i posted two more.

Jessica said...

Pajamas! That kills me! Nico, you are the CAT'S PAJAMAS, and you would rock the footie p.j.s. Thank you for this post. Namaste.

Nico said...

i KNOW, right??? I want footie pajamas so bad! Katie owns a pair of red and white striped ones, WITH A BUTT FLAP, just like in the cartoons!!! She's so lucky. I want to steal them from her!

Katie said...

MY PAJAMAS!!!!! You can borrow my dinosaur print ones, Nico! :)

I'm glad you and Molly liked my drawings! I think I can get a better likeness if I try again!

And that story David drew is hilarious...what a tool that guy was!

Molly said...

I am so so lucky to have such cool cartoonists draw me!!

Cannot wait for the next post! ;)

J Cola said...

Love your posts as always.
I am quite excited for this special post coming up. =)

Shawn said...


Hryma said...

Bwaaa haha! that's a great story.
I thought that shit happened everywhere, it seems to be the norm here to be looked up and down. Anyway Darby's picture is funny great, not excluding the others they're great too!

Hryma said...

Hey Kurdt, there's a pajama club on the Gold Coast Australia. I haven't been, but I reckoned it would be crap. But that's me, I dislike nightclubs all together.

Pavel Jakubec said...


Leeann H said...

Oh, Jammies in public! :D And I loved those little portrait sketches. :3