Tuesday, February 24, 2009


((FEB 25th EDIT!!!))

Ben won first place in the Skadi fan contest at DummComics!! Click the pic to go check out his winning strip... it's up NOW!!!

My review of Coraline? That's easy: It ROCKS.

It's a beautiful, magical stop-motion animated film that is the BIGGEST breath of fresh air in today's world of green ogre-farting CGI bunk. Not to mention a family film that finally has the balls to have some creepiness to it!

Older family films, especially in the 80s, had a lot of great adult and mature themes like elements of drama, horror and action sprinkled throughout (The Goonies, Beetlejuice, Princess Bride, Ghostbusters, etc). But, that all died in the 90s and 2000s and now we get bland watered-down family movies that are nowhere near fun for the whole family; sure, they'll keep your 5-year old sitting still, but you'll be left gritting your teeth in boredom.

So it's nice to know that the Coraline filmmakers feel the same way, and want to bring variety and fun back to fam flicks!

Look, people working with actual hold-in-your-hand material and hi-tech camera equipment wizardry! Where are the computers???! It's amazing.

Yeah so you can probably tell that I loved this movie. Here's some Coraline fan art I just farted out.

Crappy roughs, getting a feel for the character

Hmmm. Getting warmer?

Nailed it!! I like this one.

Stop-motion gems like this only seem to come around once a decade, so go see this movie if you haven't yet. Already seen it? Go see it again!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's the weekend and you know what that means: ANOTHER awesome party! This party's theme: Pajama party! Plus bring a box of your favorite cereal to eat. Look what happened!!

Imagine an average breakfast-eating and cartoon-watching Saturday morning when you were a kid. Here it is except with mature full-grown adults. Plus OJ and plenty of vodka.

Behold- Molly and I bring you love.

Jenny and the Leaning Tower of CEREAL

"Guess the Cereal" Game!! I came in last place!
Oh, we have fun.


I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this one! But it's
so funny and awesome. Fruity Pebbles' new promo shot. HAHA!

You know, in the 8 years I've been friends with her, I've NEVER been able to peg a good drawing of Molly. Let me tell all you cartoonists right now that she is a TOUGHIE!! Her features and face are so striking, yet extremely subtle. Kali gave it a good shot here and it inspired me to try again. I challenge all you caricature artists out there to try drawing her!!

This might be the closest I've ever gotten, but I still don't feel like I've done her justice. What do you think?

HEY! Here is a thank-you gift for my good pal Ben, for sending me all that amazing artwork last week! He is artistically gifted beyond measure and might I add also quite a sexy gent. Go visit his blog NOW!!!

What some friends and I are most raving about lately is something Ben introduced to me: a CANADIAN DELICACY known as POUTINE!! Seasoned french fries mixed with cheese curds and topped with dark gravy.

This stuff looks crazy!!!!

I guess the last thing the USA needs right now is another heart-clogging fast food pile of who-knows-what, but damn it if I don't wanna try this stuff RIGHT NOW. Ben better bring a tub of it down when he comes to visit!

BTW- speaking of Canada's superiority, John K. smuggled a big case of some Labatt 50 coming back from his holiday visit up north and let me enjoy a couple cans. WOW, what a beer!!

I think it's best quality is how quenchable it is for that manly thirst. After drinking it, it just makes you wanna grow a beard and go chop down some trees or something! BUT- unfortunately you can only find this in Canada.
And John says to ignore all that "Labatt Blue" stuff.. it's FAKE canadian beer that's made HERE in the States! Oh how our country LIES to us!! Totally lame. So I saved my can and it now proudly sits on the bookshelf in my room. Awesome.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay this might have been the coolest week for art ever!!!

First of all, this weekend was another ART JAM NIGHT at Molly and Carl's (blog pending) house!! Painting, drawing, photography, crafty crafts! And beer!! It was basically friggen awesome?

"You can call me Flower!"

I attempted caricatures for the night.. here's one of famous tattoo artist extraordinaire David Williams.

Sean made a self-portrait cut out. Complete with blue nipples and armpit hair!

Jess made a million awesome things but my favorite- this felt T-REX!!

I also drew local music legend Adam Nixon.

Hellen is a beautiful flower and has a great face for cartoony fun drawing. By this time I was tipsy from too much beer and I really don't think I did her any justice with this!! This is way too wonky, but oh well.

What a great gathering of pals! But that's not the end of Super Awesome Art Week...

A few days ago I got... DUN DUN DUNNNN!! A package in the mail from BEN!!!!! He sent me paintings and doodles!! It was like getting golden treasure mailed to me.

LOOK at this painting he did of Maude Macher!!!! Isn't it beautiful? This is going right on me and Kali's hallway wall!!!

Molly holding treasure!!

Eeeee!!! A painted present for Katie Rice of her very own character Skadi!! She's gonna love it.

AND a painting of a character based on me in his upcoming Jo the Faux webcomic! OMG!!!!!!

I just can't thank you enough buddy. You rock!!!! What a happy happy art week, thanks to all my pals.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The wait is over!!

I'm going to have a guest spot on DummComics.com!! I'm one of the 1930 Nightmare Theatre winners of Dumm's guest comic try-out. This was super fun to do and I wanna thank Katie, Luke, Ricky, Gabe, Sean and Fred for holding the contest.
Unfortunately my comic must be kept hush-hush and unseen by unwashed human eyeballs until it's featured on the site, which could be a few weeks from now. But I'll make a post here as soon as it's up! Along with some other goodies.

Meanwhile I also submitted my very own Skadi comic, which didn't win but that's okay- BEN WON 1st PLACE, so hooray!! ...and that also means that it's safe to put mine up right here, right now! Click to view big!...

Ahh, even centuries later, not even business suits or political correction or blackberry headsets can prevent Skadi from doing what just comes natural.

Let's do it up HI-REZ!!

Stay tuned for DummComics.com PART 2!!