Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello my old friend. I'm sorry I'm still abusing you, and having you stuck sitting in the dark lumpy backseat, while everything else that's going on in my life is relaxing up front in the captain's chair with me. It won't be this way forever, I promise!

And while the truth is that I'm drawing a bunch lately, unfortunately it's still all things that cannot be shown at this time. Top secret stuff! Stuff that's coming and will be announced very, very soon. So in the meantime, here I go making a "cheater" post with other people's work! Here is artwork from all my wonderful pals who have drawn Scribble and Skarfy fanart for me since I created them. I guess a post of some kind is better than nothing at all, and I just want a place to put them all so there is easy access and reference to these gems. Enjoy!

Shawn Dickinson

Kali Fontecchio

Benjamin Anders

Tara Billinger

Zach Bellissimo

Scott Forbes

Jenny Colaleo

Cheyenne Hope Curtis

Amir Avni

Katie Rice

Zoë Moss

Callie Gibbons

Tekena Travis

John Kricfalusi

I am completely undeserving of love and hard work of this caliber. Thank you ALL for drawing these for me, they are incredible and so appreciated. Scribble and Skarfy say thanks too, they are so flattered! :)

(pictured L-R: Mariella Morton, Jenny Colaleo)

It'll be a little while until next time, as soon as I can draw stuff that can actually be shared. Prepare for a BIG announcement in the next post!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HAPPY (very belated) BIRTHDAY, MARI!

For my wonderful pal Mariella. Happy 21st, babe!

Watch Mari at her finest... PEELING OUT!