Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Beware of

Monday, October 4, 2010


So you know all this stuff I've had to keep a secret this whole summer? Well.

Yes!!! Kali Fontecchio's MAUDE MACHER, Benjamin Anders' JO THE FAUX, and yours truly's SCRIBBLE & SKARFY invite you to join them in all of their upcoming adventures. Three brand new webcomic series known together as: BACON STRIPS! Brought to you by "Internet".

We've been working on these comics all summer long, and it's going to be great finally getting to share them with you. Plus, Bacon Strips will be having some amazing AMAZING extra comics by special guest artist pals of ours. Get excited!!!
We've got a few more weeks until the launch, but visit the site and save it to your bookmarks now so you can join us soon for all kinds of crispy, greasy, bacon-y goodness!

Jack Cusumano drew our lil' family: Kali, Jiji and meee! Thanks buddy, I love this!