Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm busy busy! Working on videos, putting an animation portfolio together, AND I got a few commission jobs out of last time's post, too! It's all top secret projects for now, but I'll share them here soon! ((Remember! if YOU'D like a cartoon commission by me, I'm still taking orders. Drop me an email! hint hint!!!))

SO in the meantime here is just a simple post I wanted to make to keep track of all this great Coraline concept art that I've been collecting over the internet! These pieces are credited to artists Shane Prigmore, Shannon Tindle, Stef Choi and Dan Krall.
Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with this movie. It's only in theaters another week or two, so if you still gotta see it, time's running out!!!


A special treat, coming soon! Sneek peek:

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Nico Commissions!!!!!

That's right! I'm taking CARTOON COMMISSIONS, folks. Help me survive in this jungle we call Los Angeles! Want something fun drawn by ME, just for YOU? Caricatures, cute girls, famous Hollywood characters? Contact me via email through my blogger profile, and let's talk! Prices will be determined by the subject and medium desired. (psst... I'm pretty flexible!)

Here's a just-finished commissioned piece that Darby hired me for. Thanks for the work, man!

More from the genius of Ben!! Below is Katie Rice and I, straight outta Ben's cartoon world!! He drew the roughs, but the characters below I inked myself, just for fun!

And, here's my contribution from a few months ago to the Our Hospitality blog... the theme was "target practice". So here's what I drew. Ha, ha. Ha?

SO if you like my art and want some made just for you, drop me a line! Okay enough business, PARTY TIME!!!!!

Katie and Luke had a shindig at their house last night!!! We watched bad movies (IMMORTAL COMBAT!!!), admired Ricky's long curly hair, and ate pizza and Katie's homemade world-famous sausage puffs. Deee-licious!

Also, I was in for MORE bday surprises! Take a look what Katie drew for me!! I DIED when she handed this to me.

How spectacular is this? Skadi drinking with my character, Debbie!! My knees got weak and I almost dropped when I held this genius piece!! Katie, you are too kind!!!

CHRISTINE!!! Oops, I mean, Miss Withers! ;) She created TWO fabulous pieces for me:

This is so much better-looking in person! My scanner is OLD and SUCKS, so all the colors here (not to mention that big annoying digital smudge taking up the left side) aren't doing these justice!! But still, I was completely starstruck that Miss Withers took the time to make these for little ol' me. Thank you Mama W!

Meanwhile, David Gemmill tries to hide the wrath of my camera.

Look here! A masterpiece by the one, the only, Gabe Swarr! This was a complete surprise, and I wouldn't ever expect that a cartoon bigshot like Gabe would be so nice to make something for a nobody like me! This RULES Gabe! I hope between gasps of air from being so starstruck, I got a chance to thank you enough when you presented this to me. In a fancy manilla envelope, no less!

Also, this is something Shawn drew for me LAST year! I just found it and realized I NEVER scanned it! So here it is, in all of it's 1-year old glory!! HAHAHA, THANKS BUDDY!

Finally, here we see Katie finally being united with her Skadi painting that Ben made for her! She LOVES it. In fact, they went to bed together shortly after this photo was taken. HEY-O! Too much information? G'night everybody!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


On this day in 1985, a 26-year old girl in Los Angeles, California was driving to her job at the ABC studios when suddenly her uterus contracted, and within a few long hours, the man people would learn to call "the Where'd the Cheese Go guy" was born.

24 years later, here I am. Writing this blog on the internet. Woo-hoo, I guess!!!! BUT here are some lovely presents I've received from my wonderful friends!! And they're all art-related! Thank you all so, so much. I'll be updating this post as I scan and receive more, so keep checking back!

Jess created this adorable felt bunny for me!!!! Awwwww! Here's a couple photos I took of it:

Let's go MACRO!

Eeee-hee hee! Miss Jess is a crafty little devil indeed. I love Mr. Bun Buns! She took the photo below!:
Molly MADE this Fraggle Rock card out of her own crafts, blood, tears.. OH and talent!! Holy cow!!!!!!

She and Carl also got me a webcam (!) and Harpo Marx's autobiography, Harpo Speaks! SO awesome. On top of THAT, they surprised me this past week with an early birthday cake. You guys, I don't deserve you. You are THAT awesome. Love ya!!


This drawing is amazing! Thank you thank you. You are the sweetest girl ever!!!!!! I love yoooooooooou xoxoxoxo!!!!


BEN!!!!!! Ben, seriously. Why are you the coolest person on the planet? My mind is blown away by each and every drawing you do, and this special one below is no exception. Words can't express how much I love this. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Katie beat everyone, time-wise, with this text! Thanks for thinking of me, buddy!

Below, we see Adam Nixon as he helps get me in the celebratory mood by posing in a brand new album cover photo with me!!!!

And speaking of music, good ol' David Gemmill created an AWESOME SONG as my present! Right-click and save the link to listen! And make sure you listen to the whole thing... you DON'T WANNA MISS the robot vocals at the end!!!!! Thanks David!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!
My mom got me this nifty set of Coraline dolls from Amazon!!

If you loved or even just liked the movie, BUY THESE! It's nice to see some quality toys being made again. Their faces and clothes are ALL interchangeable, and their wrists, elbows, knees and feet all bend and rotate. This means kickass posing action!!!

Coraline heavily endorses iPods.

Bring on the 'TUDE!!

Also, they are just about the height of the actual Coraline models used in the movie. It's like I got to visit the set and take a couple home with me!! Haha, it's fun to pretend. Either way, I'm definitely gonna have fun taking more photos of these!

Welcome home!

50 cents off of Ralphs canned soup?? HOLY BEJESUS!!!!!

My mom also got me one of my favorite Disney movies, Pinocchio, finally released on DVD. Hooray!!!

Look what my great friend Zach Bellissimo made for me! Damn but if he isn't one talented lil' bugger. HAHA, buck teeth, stink lines, and all! I love this Zach, THANKS MAN!!!!! YOU are very cool.

Here is a very appropriate video gift from my pal
Brian Hanson.

A gift from uber-talented friend Amir Avni! Thanks man, I LOVE this!!!

My pal Redd drew this for me! Ack, I've been officially FURRIED! Hahaha, just kidding. Thanks buddy!

A cartoon from Darby! Thanks duder!

Hmm, what else? Well, last night
John had a BIG party at his house. What could possibly be better on your birthday than...

...hanging with awesome cartoony friends like Eddie Fitzgerald, Jerry Beck.... and Gary Owens. Gary. Owens. Gary "Powdered Toast Man" Owens. Gary "Space Ghost" Owens. Gary "ROGER RAMJET" Owens. A cartoon voice acting legend!! (I took this photo, I wish to heck that I was in it!!)

...having Kali sticking Cheetos up your nose and being happily joined by Shawn Dickinson...

...drinking beer with John, of course...

...and getting so drunk that you put on an old Ren Hoek Halloween mask and scare the crap out of the great Jim Smith.

...AND Kali! BOOYA!

...Not to mention drunk-dialing Ben. Twice.

Wow, what a great birthday!! All I can ask at this point is... what has happened to me?