Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm busy busy! Working on videos, putting an animation portfolio together, AND I got a few commission jobs out of last time's post, too! It's all top secret projects for now, but I'll share them here soon! ((Remember! if YOU'D like a cartoon commission by me, I'm still taking orders. Drop me an email! hint hint!!!))

SO in the meantime here is just a simple post I wanted to make to keep track of all this great Coraline concept art that I've been collecting over the internet! These pieces are credited to artists Shane Prigmore, Shannon Tindle, Stef Choi and Dan Krall.
Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with this movie. It's only in theaters another week or two, so if you still gotta see it, time's running out!!!


A special treat, coming soon! Sneek peek:


Niki said...

Holy-Hell! These are amazing! This is the kinda stuff I wish I could make! Those guy's brains are worth a good dissection!

Niki said...

This is also an interesting something that I believe was made by some perverted kid who had some pretty interesting thoughts. I still thought you would like it though.

Trevor Thompson said...

What an awesome movie!!! Good to see you have good taste! I love the design of the dad, especially when he's melting!

Hey, that picture at the bottom reminded me.... can you give me some tech advice? I need to use green screen on the project I told you about, but I've never used it before.

I've been told that MiniDV is the worst format to shoot for green screen and the worst camera to shoot with for green screen consumption is the Canon XL-1. Unfortunately, those are precisely the two tools I've got on hand.

Think you can help a brother out?

- trevor.

Molly said...

All that Coraline art is so interesting and beautiful! I love the one Niki linked to, as well!

Cannot wait for the video!

Marc Deckter said...

NICOMAN! Thanks for the comment buddy - glad you enjoyed the scientific duck studies. Can you believe I haven't seen Coraline yet? This stretched father artwork is awesome - looks like I need to hit the theatre this weekend...

Nico said...

Niki- Oh AWESOME! I missed that in my online searching! That's actually concept art too (not sure who on staff drew it), AND it also got used IN the movie (it's used as a theater poster prop in the background of their house)! Thanks, I just added it to the post!

Molly- The video can't wait for YOU! Let me just say that it'll make you, Carl and Alex very proud, I hope :D

Trevor- That's some pretty goofy advice someone gave you. That's like saying a blue car isn't as good a car to buy as a red one!
There's no such thing as a "worst" anything to shoot chroma schemes with; it's all in the eye of the cinematographer. Setting up good lighting, good camera positioning, eliminating as many background shadows as possible, etc.. and just go for it.
The format you use doesn't matter- make whatever you have work FOR you, not the other way around.

Marc, no prob! You have no idea how much it means to me that you even visit my blog! And totally, go see Coraline. Can I tag along??

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! You totally beat the Art Companion!


And red cars are so much better to buy.

Zach Bellissimo said...

I looooove all the Shane Prigmore stuff. He's awesome!

Thanks for sharing, some of these I haven't seen :]

Shawn said...

Wow! That art looks good! I always sort of wish they just made the finished movies look like the concept drawings. Not "dissing" the movie, but I really miss 2D.

Can't wait to see the new Nico video!

Trevor Thompson said...

That's some pretty goofy advice someone gave you.

That's what I thought when I heard it, but I've seen the dude's work and his green screen was flawless. Oh well.

I'll keep that in mind this weekend. I'm doing green screen and equipment testing all weekend.

BTW, do you compress yer sound live on yer shoots? I'm giving it a shot this weekend.

Thanks buddy!

- trevor.

PS: That flick needs to get the hell out of the theatres so I can buy the DVD and get all geeked up on the bonus features.

Red said...

I'd have to agree with Trevor, I've seen it three times now and I think I caught everything I wanted to on the Silver Screen, bring on the two disc set! So I guess I lied about image-response, I'll make it up with presents!!

Colter said...

I haven't seen Coraline yet, this post makes me realize I'm missing out.

Ben said...