Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Go wish my best friend MOLLY BATES a hap-hap happy day! How long have I known ya, Molls? 8 years? 9? Well here's to the rest of our days together. I love you!!

Here's some of Molly's best moments!!



And of course, our most viral video yet (236,000 Youtube views and counting)
Seduced Milkman

Oooooo, and check out Kali's AMAZING cartoon for Molly too! This rules a ball's balls!

Huge success! Behold as Molly enjoys our drawings, and my gifts (pretty pretty new dress and accessories) in person!

Happy Birthday, Molly!!!!!

My brother came to visit a couple weekends ago and we went to this great Japanese bar we love. After a few drinks, crazy cartoons can be born! Here's quite a price that Kali drew for me- eeee, me and Maude!! :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yes, the title of this post is named after a They Might Be Giants song. But this post is about the CRITTERS I've been drawing lately! Here's a commission for my good pal and Mr. Head Cooker himself, Casey, as a present for his lovely wife (and also awesome budzone of mine) JESS!
Aw, you crazy kids!

Yep, all the gossip and truckloads (yes, TRUCKloads) of online rumors are true: the very talented and magical Ben Forbes has asked me to be his partner-in-crime for his upcoming webcomic, Jo the Faux-Fur Mink.

I'll be writing mostly and helping with some minor artistic aspects of the comic as well as generally getting in the way and making a big mess. I've drawn Jo quite a few times but this (below) is something from last night featuring her and another character from the comics. Just for practicing purposes, trying to get the characters down.

That's all I can share at the moment! Just get ready for fun!!

Oh look, here's a commission I did for my lovely friend Anne! She likes turtles, hehe.

Finally, well since today I'm just giving away surprises by the truckload (yes, TRUCKload), I guess I'll also briefly mention that I'm in the middle of working on some upcoming projects with some VERY awesome people. They are awesome people, who also happen to be slightly... dumm?

...Okay there's NO WAY that that hint could even be considered subtle, but I digress, that's all I can tell for now. Let's just say that if you're a fan of anyone on my links lists to the right-hand side of this blog, then you're not gonna wanna miss this!!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's my pal Zach Bellissimo's birthday this week, guys! Check out his incredible artwork and his guest strips for DummComics.com and show him some love!

Here's a drawing of us, for him! If we had a sitcom together, this is what it would be like:

Xtra treat: a cute lil' Kali head.

I have some more presents and commissions to post but they are surprises and I can't share them here until next week. So more and better(hopefully) art coming soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This Devo music video was made by Kali and me back in 1984, with some very early CGI help from Wade Minter. Watch closely for cameos by Dave, Greg, my brother Nino and Eric Bauza. Oh yeah, and Kali's dad!

Kali and Nico: Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth from Nico Colaleo on Vimeo.

Music obsessions are running rampant lately!

We can see you!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


New banner time! Hope everyone likes it. I'm also getting a nice little art portfolio together. Here are some characters I created between 1999 and 2002, but this below is a brand new 2009 line-up of them!

This is for Brie! She's always wanted a dickcake so here ya go buddy

Here's a cartoon commission done for my friend Nadia!! Again, I'm always open to taking art commissions, sooo if you want something by me just shoot an email my way!

Spontaneous goodies time! Enjoy THIS MUSICAL INTERLUDE by none other than Kali, completely unrehearsed and improvised as it went along. She's so sweet for making this for me! This tune has been stuck in my head all week.

And also please try to enjoy this little slice of something; filmed in five minutes, with 0% thought! This is a weird one.

Presenting America's #1 Funnyman, Neil Hamburger!

WHO is Neil Hamburger, you might be asking? He's an LA stand-up comic with one goal: to be the world's worst stand-up comic. His timing is horrible, he's constantly hacking and breathing into the microphone, and he leaves the crowd confused, booing, and most of the time absolutely hating him.
What most audiences don't realize is that this is exactly what he's aiming for, and it's what makes him hilarious and brilliant for those of us in the know. Hellen, Brie, back me up here! (also, catch the episode of Tim & Eric that he guest stars in!)

Next time:
That special treat I've been hinting at...!!!