Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I have a small family of characters that I hope to make some stories and shorts with someday. I've had them for quite a while.. most of them were first drawn 6, 7, even 10 years ago! This post is a little about them and my history of drawing them.

Also- CAUTION!!!!!!
The older drawings I'm about to show are EXTREMELY OLD AND LAME AND EMBARRASSING. Shit from back in high school, yo. So please be kind!

The main character of my series. I first drew him in 8th grade. While that may have been when I created his basic appearance, his personality and character however have been years and years in the making. I've drawn him literally 1000's of times, and I make sure to evolve his design and construction almost every year, pretty much as I'm learning more and more about the principles of cartoons.

Below: A couple of late-nite scribbles that do not validate
that last sentence above in any way whatsoever. Mildly embarrassing.

The series begins when Victor leaves his family's home in Fresno to come to the big city to make it in the biz. He's a meek, geeky guy, mid-20s, who tries to survive day after day in this new jungle called Los Angeles. (little did I realize in 8th grade that I, myself, would become this character within 10 years. I'm now 23, meek, geeky, and I pray every day to not get killed in LA!) Hell, he probably loves computers, cartoons and old movies, too.

Below: Victor drawing from 2003. Moreso embarrassing.
Victor's a huuuuge blend of a lot of different cartoon studios and styles that I'm a fan of. His facial features are mostly Hanna-Barbera inspired, his hair's like Woody Woodpecker, big floppy Elmer Fudd shoes, the legs and crotch of his slacks sag like Goofy's... who knows what else. His biggest desire at this point in life is just to fit in. Of course he never will, but that's okay.

My series teaches people to glorify being a social outcast, if you are one. Don't be one of the Normals!!!!! (95% of everyone else in the world)

Doogy and Kiwi
Victor's two trouble-making pups. He has a love-hate relationship with them, since he's kind of stuck living with them. His parents insisted he take them with him when he moved out so he wouldn't be lonely, but they turn out to be a handful most of the time and only add more stress to his life. But on the inside, they'd all be completely lost without each other.

These critters are based off real doggies that we owned when I was growing up!

Kiwi, the littler girl dog, ran around hitting her head on everything all the time, so it eventually kind of affected her brain! So she was a 'tard pup but still the cutest little thing ever. She's extremely happy all the time, doesn't have a care (or thought) in the world, and is always having a wonderful time even in the face of danger.

So when I came up with their cartoon counterparts, Kiwi is the goof, and Doogy (older, boy, not a tard), was kinda put in the big-brother position of having to always to keep her out of danger. They're completely mischievous at heart though, and always enjoy things like causing ruckuses in alleys, scaring the shit out of cats, and chasing mailmen (ornery heckling critters, Clampett's "Hep Cat" is a big influence).

Below: Doogy and Kiwi drawing from senior year of high school.
Looks like SOMEbody was just learning some Photoshop tricks!!! (me)
Entirely embarrassing. ew ew ew ew ew.

Even though Doogy's the brains of the outfit, his schemes and plans usually lead to trouble. In human company, he's a good-natured, obedient fella. But as soon as the humans turn their back on him, he reverts to wiseguy mode and poops in someone's shoes (he'll even wedge the turd deep inside of the shoe to make it good and hidden, so by the time a human notices it's in there... it's too late)


I love Debbie! Mainly because she's the weirdest/funniest character to me. I first drew her around 6 years ago, and you've no doubt seen her around this site since she's kinda my blog's mascot.

She's also mid-20s, and Victor's new neighbor and now closest friend. She may be a little absent-minded sometimes but is extremely pure and kind, and has the biggest heart any human could have. I've had lots of people think this, but she is NOT a dumb blonde. Just a little naivé and very childlike. She also wants to live the high life eventually, but for now works a silly day-job as a barista at the local Barstucks Cafe.

Also a born and bred Canadian!!!
This means that Deb's used to giant trees, packs of moose in your backyard, and eating bacon. So it's major culture-shock when she has also just moved to southern California: giant buildings, traffic, and everyone eating sushi and cous-cous. When she and Victor meet as neighbors and find out they are both outsiders, they become fast friends. Of course Victor has a secret crush on Deb but she seems too innocent and naivé to seem to feel the same. Or does she?? Who knows! If I ever get to go anywhere with these characters, I'd definitely have some story arcs questioning a romance.
(soap opera scenes ahoy!!)

Below: Behold, my biting social commentary. Women be shoppin'.
It's funny because it's true, right? ALL girls everywhere are like this, right??
Okay, no. Level of Lameness: 10.

Anyway, I made up Debbie's style from a bunch of different things as well. You would never meet a girl like her in real life, she's just too many different styles clashed together. She could only exist in a cartoon. Why I created her with a 50's beehive hairdo, I'll never know. But it works, I hope!

OH another thing about Debbie- out of all the characters in this series of mine, I chose her to take the first step into the animated world.

I featured her in my first animated short/commercial this time last year, for those of you that remember! (only a year later and this is kinda primitive-looking, at least to me... I like to think I've improved compared to then)

Of course every duo is better when it becomes a trio. I had Victor, then added Debbie, but someone still felt missing to compliment their chemistry. So one day years ago I was looking at some photos I found of my dad and grandfather from the 70s. They and their family came to America from Italy! And man they were wayyyyy into the times! The huge sideburns, the bell-bottoms, the polyester. I started drawing characters like that and eventually Pasquale was born, based on my dad as a younger man.

Back to my theory about this story of outcast friends trying to survive the rest of society: Of course Pasquale's got the same problem Victor and Debbie do, but he's such a foreigner that even his two new best friends get weirded out by him at certain points. Pasquale is about 30 years behind the times, and arrives in America thinking that disco, gold medallions and chest hair are still in style. He's got a really thick accent and is a magnificent wop all the way.

I've even got one story idea where everyone goes to the beach and we finally see Pasquale without his threads on.... he's just a head, two hands and two feet all connected to a large sasquatch body of black fuzz.


Well, those are my main characters! There are supporting characters too... the kids' landlord Mr. Bishop (of course what would a city-setting comedy be without the pissed off landlord?), the kids' other friends around town (Debbie's hipster hippie coffee shop coworkers etc.), Victor's weird parents, stray animals that Doogy and Kiwi are friends/enemies with, and a lot more! But that'll have to wait until another post. Honestly if you've read this far, you already have my utmost amazement.

Oh, and this entry is my 50th blog post. Hooray for me!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So not to completely upstage Hryma (okay, maybe a little bit), but it just so happens that my main PICs (partners in crime) Molly 'n Carl threw an art jam at their place- last night!!!! Everyone was gettin' all creative and arty! And drinky! It was pretty sexy.

Some folks painted, others sketched... Jess crocheted!

T-rex attacks!!!!!!! oh carl.

As for me? I drew Luke's mug with me and M 'n C as naked cherubs floating around it. Here he is holding my gift for him. I told him to act as happy as he could possibly muster.

Wow Molls, that's "dino"mite!!! Ha ha! SEAL THE DEAL!!!!!!

"Back to work!!!" HAHAHA yea right!

"Ok, enough art for one night. Time for sex!" Oh, you crazy kids!!!!!
This deal... has been sealed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just been picking on people and characters to practice on with my new Wacky tablet. I friggen love this thing!!

character property kali

character property ricky

coming up:
a post about my cartoon series. meet all my characters!!
Won't you join me?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


...Today marks my the first of my new ventures into digital inking and color.

Here's my first attempt:

2nd attempt: