Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm slowly developing the world of these hipstergirls, Scribble and Skarfy! I really love these characters, so I've been coming up with tons of ideas and stories for eventual short webcomics and cartoons I wanna make with them. Here's just a little bit of what I've been coming up with.

Wanting to add more characters to this universe than just the girls, Scribble has a boyfriend named Cliff. A hipster dude of course, complete with hair in is eyes, a man-scarf, vest, and tighty tight black jeans. This is only my first in some concept sketches I've done of him, I wanna see if I can work more at making him a tad more appealing.

Skarfy on the other hand is a loner and is completely content spending nights relaxing in her room with a book and some Radiohead records. But that doesn't stop Cliff's fat hipster friend from always trying to make the moves on her. Poor Skarfy!

Here's just an average day in the lives of two 20-year old LA scenesters.

But life isn't all fun! The girls have day jobs too. Persistent to associate herself with only the utmost non-mainstream world of fashion and culture, there's no more obvious choice for Scribble's career than at the hippest of the HIPPEST in clothing retail... Urban Outfitters. Of course.

I've met plenty of real-life Scribbles in the form of Urban employees during my visits to these stores. They may be there to ring up your purchases and guide you towards the fitting rooms, but that doesn't mean they're not gonna serve you up some hot 'n fresh 'TUDE while doing it.

The more artistic type, and with a true love for the most alternative music and indie films, it's only fitting for Skarfy to work at America's largest independent record store.

A surly Amoeba cashier helping clueless customers find music and movies, this is Skarfy's view for 8 hours a day.

So there's a little bit of what I've got so far. I can't wait to keep developing this series. I hope you're excited too!

Here's a goofy doodle I did while I was bored. UH-OH SOMETHING'S DIFFERENT

Finally I'd like to present a little gift for my awesome pal, and yours, Zach Bellissimo!! I wanted to draw some fanart of his cool character Jillyan, and while doing so, I seemed to add in my girls as well. I hope you like it, Zach! Everyone go to his blog if you want to see his own drawings of Jill!

Scribb and Skarfy's #1 priority is to be the hippest kids in the room, but as soon as someone cooler walks in, the girls drop EVERYTHING and start taking notes. They are very eager to learrrrrn!
Here's just the ink for Jillyan.
Thanks for reading. I have more surprises to post soon... plus Scribble and Skarfy fanart by my friends! I'm so honored. Okay see you all next time!