Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A. You get funny cartoons, dummy!

Kali is a sweetheart and likes to draw grotesquely funny-looking people, like moi.
Poor her, she was sick this past week but still liked me enough to get together!

These doodles, by her, are what Katie Rice once coined: FOODLES. Foodles are doodles that you do with friends when you're out to dinner! Or brunch!

Totem Pole Pals

The booths at Jerry's Deli have their own little cubicles placed so that when you're sitting in them, it's like you're watching the rest of the customers sitting at the normal tables, but they can't see you! It-... it kinda makes you feel slightly empowered?


Well, naturally, you also get
Photo Fun.

A Grand Day Out

Here I am embracing nature.

And here is Kali being adorable. I love my fancy camera!

oooooh. ahhhhh.lol wut?

I've never been so happy to be eaten by a giant girl mouth. Goodbye, cruel world! :DKali's "Eddie face".
Griffith Park is a nice place for Photo Fun.

You know-
There's all-new Spumco t-shirts coming soon, and while I'll leave it to John K. to announce the details, here's some modeling shots of Kali with her new Sody Pop shirt. Buy all these shirts when they come out OK??

G'wan, be cartoon geeks like us!We look on, horrified, as this tree shamefully excretes its juices.

The tree was so rude, in fact, that we then ran away from the park as fast as our legs could carry us, and ended up at... Daikokuya!

In Little Tokyo. This is Kali's favorite restaurant and now I can see why! It was very delicious.
It is always sooooo busy. This time we went, there was about an hour wait (at 11 o'clock at night!), so we had a couple drinks to "lighten the load".
This only made us sleepy of course. And drunk with power.

mmmmm soup

Hanging with Katie Rice is the COOLEST!
Here's the famous duo a couple days ago, relaxing out at their southern homestyle ranch.

Haha, we really had to squeeze into this photobooth. I peed a little!

More Foooooooodles .......

When you're with John, he'll pretty much always draw something amazing. Cartoonists LOVE restaurants with paper lining the tables, rather than tablecloths. For obvious reasons!

Well, until next time!

Crazy L.A. Muscle Man sez: See ya!

Monday, March 24, 2008


With my first special guest, Shawn Dickinson

For Better or Worser Commentary
Directed by Dave Fleischer

Thursday, March 20, 2008

FRAME-BY-FRAMES: "Mickey and the Seal"

Crazy Mickey drawings! Awesome.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


A new project I wanna try which lets you listen to me being a mega-geek in monthly installments, probably. Strictly just for fun, bitches. This 1st "episode" is more of a test than anything. Special animation-buddy guests to join me in future episodes. Thanks for listening.

Falling Hare Commentary
Directed by Bob Clampett

Monday, March 10, 2008


A slightly off-topic entry, so I hope people will still read. This one's about my favorite comics! Comics only found on Internet!

Being on the web, they instantly have an advantage over other comics of today. Only the comic creator owns their series, so there's no pressure over being discontinued, or keeping squeaky-clean or merchandise-friendly like the newspaper comics do.

I only read a few internet comic series consistently, but they are better than any newspaper comics out there today. Seriously. Have you guys read Garfield?


Achewood's greatness is hard to describe to anyone not in the know. One of the biggest, longest-running, and most popular internet comic series, Achewood is about a group of animals who all live and pay rent in a large housing complex. The way they all interact like a big dysfunctional family is what gives the series such an endless supply of jokes and stories.

This series has the most creative phrases and lingo imaginable. "Pimp skitters"? It's fantastic.

I had a REAL tough time picking which strips to put up here. Honestly, just pick an hour or two of free time, go to Achewood's site, and enjoy.

I actually don't read Penny Arcade too much because, well if it's even possible, the series is a bit too nerdy for me. I don't really get a lot of the jokes, since you'll find mostly video game jokes aimed at the hardest of hardcore nerds.
But you must give it credit for being one of the first internet comics... I think it started in '98, or '99? And it's still going strong, that's for sure.
If you are really into World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or XBox games or whatever, this is the series for you.


I love this series!

In a world if Wonder Woman was a sassy, self-centered party girl who looked at fighting crime as more of a chore than as something liberating, you will meet Wonderella.

Dinosaur Comics is another favorite. The misadventures of 3 college-age dinosaur friends (T-Rex, Utahraptor, and Dromiceiomimus) as they contemplate philosophy, literature, lesbians, the internet, and Batman.

Yes, the characters' positions, expressions, and order of speaking are identical in EVERY, SINGLE, STRIP. Only the dialogue changes. And true, that turns off a lot of readers, so Dinosaur Comics fans are kind of a scarce breed. In MY opinion, if you can get past the monotony of seeing the characters doing the same things every strip, I think it just adds to the hilarity of it. Other frequent characters include God and The Devil (off-screen, of course).

Again, I had an extremely hard time picking which strips to put here because they are all just SO GOOD. I had to resort to just picking these at random. Still, awesome. Hot crackers!

In conclusion, check out all of these series. You might just thank me.
Ok, bye!!