Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Chrimbus!

Have a happy one, everybody. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine

Hey! As you might know we are on the very cusp of the release of Bacon Strips. A few finishing touches to the website is all we're waiting on, and then it's launching time. But until then I've got other fun stuff to share!

Here's something just completed- my very first TV commercial! This has been drawn and animated by myself for the past few weeks at my daytime job, and has been produced for Thunder Canyon Brewery restaurant and bar. It was a lot of work, but really fun to make. Stu is voiced by Jack Cusumano, and I voice Al and the martini glass.

Here's something a few friends have done in the past couple months, and I thought it'd be fun to try and make one for myself. So, if you ever wanted to know the main ingredients that go into what compiles the creative side of my brain, look no further than the contents of the map below.

A quick Skarfy doodle, done for a coworker. This now hangs on her office bulletin board!

And lastly, this is a short video made for my #1 Budzone, Kali! It's the 300th post over on her blog. Go and show her some love!

This video features Molly and Carl Johnson, Jack Cusumano, Casey Wills and myself. Plus a special vocal appearance by Eric Bauza as the announcer!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was Kali's birthday this past weekend and it was the best time ever!!!!!! Shopping, massages, live concerts, drunk karaoke, Disneyland, and looots of tiramisu.

I got her a few gifts but here's the one I made especially for her! What could be better than to be surrounded by the three best cartoon characters?

Here are phun phriend photos from over the weekend! Look how much Kali and I enjoy each other's company.

STU IS THE MAN!!!!!!!! We've got a brand new television show coming soon where in it, we play - get this - wacky roommates!

Tim and Eric speak to us about the universe.

Oh these guys!!

I'm always that last guest to leave the party. Kali just notices that she hasn't seen us old pals since high school! And Stu has just seen the entire galaxy unfold before his eyes.. either that or he's just realized he left the oven on.

F is for Friends.

Happy birthday to you Kali, my #1 Budzone!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Beware of

Monday, October 4, 2010


So you know all this stuff I've had to keep a secret this whole summer? Well.

Yes!!! Kali Fontecchio's MAUDE MACHER, Benjamin Anders' JO THE FAUX, and yours truly's SCRIBBLE & SKARFY invite you to join them in all of their upcoming adventures. Three brand new webcomic series known together as: BACON STRIPS! Brought to you by "Internet".

We've been working on these comics all summer long, and it's going to be great finally getting to share them with you. Plus, Bacon Strips will be having some amazing AMAZING extra comics by special guest artist pals of ours. Get excited!!!
We've got a few more weeks until the launch, but visit the site and save it to your bookmarks now so you can join us soon for all kinds of crispy, greasy, bacon-y goodness!

Jack Cusumano drew our lil' family: Kali, Jiji and meee! Thanks buddy, I love this!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wait, what the? Why is there a framed picture of someone's fanny, and what's it doing on this blog? Is there something we're not telling you? Is something big coming? This makes no sense. Or does it? You be the judge!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Summer's (finally) winding down, and here are more gifts and fun stuff that came out of it!

Here is the birthday card I drew for the dynamic bros. themselves, Ben and Scott!

21 years old doesn't mean too much in Canada because I think by 18 or 19 you can do pretty much all the cool stuff you want there. But it does mean that at least you guys can finally go grab a drink with us when you come to the States to visit!

Next is a drawing for my dear crafty friend Jessica, and her brand new dogtography business!!!! You seriously need to check out some of her pup pics, they are to die for. This drawing was tons of fun to do and gave me a chance to visit some of the great cartoon dogs of our time. There's quite a range of stars here: (L-R) John K's Ren Hรถek, Hanna-Barbera's Huckleberry Hound, Charles Schultz's Snoopy, Nick Park's Gromit, Disney's Georgette, and Tex Avery's Droopy.

Yay!! It's my Mariella! She can cook the most amazing-looking bowl of noodles with broccoli or tofu scramble that you've ever seen. "WE WANT NOOOODLE"

Here's a commission for Trevor! He wanted my character Kiwi taking a nice big leak on Brian from The Family Guy. Man, that show has the flattest character designs in animation history! I thought I'd take it pretty far and make my drawing of Brian as flat and awkward as humanly possible. Funny enough, it still doesn't look that far off from the real thing.

My wonderful friends Cheyenne and Anna visited from Canada over the summer and we had a huge fun-filled day in Hollyweird! Shopping, Daikoku ramen, and sharing a bottle of gin in a hot tub is indeed my idea of a great time. I doodled this in Cheyenne's sketchbook while out at lunch, and she was sweet enough to pose for the cutest picture with it! Hooray!

Well, the biggest surprise of this summer has been saved for last. What's been going on with me behind the scenes these past few months? Hmmmmm....

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Wow, can you believe that YEAR after YEAR, Hollywood studios are kind enough to bring us exactly what we're happily familiar with? I'm of course talking about 'TUDE!!!

Well it's that time once again. This year has been no exception, and our animated movies are continuing to be slathered all over with delicious 'TUDE. Bring it on, Marmatude!!

Will Arnett and his intergalactic best friend bring us 'TUDE from beyond the furthest reaches of the galaxy!

One eyebrow arched? Check. One eyebrow raised? Check. Cocksure smirk? Check. Perfect 'TUDE? CHECK!!!

Sassy! What better way to sexually confuse your youth demographic audience than to show them the poster below?

Something's fishy.

NOW we're talking!!

Such 'TUDE! I wish I was the genius who is hired to come up with the tagline for these posters. I want to be able to roll around in millions of dollars too!

"Thanks for ripping off Balto characters, adding some gross Open Season spice and wrapping the whole thing in a gay Furry Fandom tortilla. Oh yea, don't forget the 3D!!!!!!"
- Zach Bellissimo

You're wrong, Bellissimo. This is pure genius and completely original and you know it. There isn't anything else like Alpha and Omega, it's a brand new idea that has the guts to be filled with things that have never been tried in animated features before. And not you or anyone else is going to stop me from being first in line to see it on opening day!!!

Hey, remember my movie poster post from a while back?

Doesn't this just look riveting?

Never in all my years have I see a more glorious example of 'TUDE. So much in fact that BOTH characters on this poster below are serving us with a double-whammy of it. "Hey guys, what if we have our two main characters on our poster making the exact same face?"

I call it brilliance. Perhaps even... 'TUDE overload?? Our old friend Shrek here can't even seem to handle these high 'TUDE levels. I'll cut you a break buddy and stop now.

Keep 'TUDEing, friends!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Because nobody asked for it, let my movie countdown begin! Enjoy.



Monday, August 9, 2010


Gonna go back in time! Scribble and Skarfy (above), circa age 8. They've been best friends since kindergarten, so it certainly has been a long road!

Just when you thought Twitter couldn't possibly get any worse...

Below is a portrait gift for the happiest family I know: Molly, Carl, Devo and McRib! Presented to them in the dark backseat of my car at Comic Con a few weeks ago.

A commissioned doodle sketch for the amazing and lovely Aron, of her partner-in-crime Christopher! The ROCKDRIVER. I love these two.

Here is a very kickass and handsome man; the dude behind RAD RAZ series, Jack Cusumano! And his precious little dog, Olive. If you've never been graced by her shivering little presence before, you are definitely missing out!

Oh look! This is also something I whipped up for Jack, albeit a long time ago.. his cute character Bangs, and her doggy doggy Ice Cream! They are both really cute and I like them too. I like everyone. hahaha aaugh it's late

More gifts/commissions and surprises revealed next time! Plus: NICO'S TOP 20 FAVORITE MOVIES.

If you would like me to draw a cartoon of your very own, feel free to go to my blogger profile and email me! I don't bite..

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes, secret projects that I have been hard at work on with some friends are still under way.. which means it's still just a little longer of a wait before I can reveal to everyone what the big honkin' deal is.
I don't want my blog to die in the meantime, so until I can let the cat out of the bag I'm gonna try to do some fun filler posts to keep you all entertained. Before I just go ahead and steal Zach's idea for a cool blog post, I asked him permission to do this first! I just thought it was a really awesome idea for a blog entry, so without further ado, maybe you'd like to see the wonders and forbidden truths of... MY BEDROOM!

This is the top of the staircase which my bedroom is right by. You'll notice lots of awesome art and nifty toys. Be prepared to see a LOT more.

Right outside my door. D'awww.

Then... we enter! To begin the tour, here's a shot of the whole room. After that, let's turn slightly to the right.

This is the top of my computer desk. Yes those are bottles of Moxie.

My computer station. This is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean the boring acts of drawing my cartoons, editing my short films, and much useless internet surfing.

Slightly above the desk I have lots of wonderful art by friends! I have a crapload of art from my pals Kali, Ben and Shawn Dickinson scattered all over the place. I just love their stuff. Friends = good.

To the left of my computer desk is my world-famous DVD collection. Many people have told me that my DVD collection is the biggest and best they've seen. These shelves couldn't fit into the entire photo, plus they are only my live-action movies... the TV show DVDs and animated features DVDs are located elsewhere!

Miss Boop is here to escort you towards the rest of the tour. The rows and columns of DVDs under my TV are my animated features collection.

Above my TV are some more earthly treasures! This is a tiny portable TV that is at the very youngest 20 years old. It just looks so cool and futuristic/retro. I found it while thrifting at Savers. Also on the wall is Skadi, and various presents from friends like Ben, Katie Rice, Miss Withers and Kyle Carrozza!

Here is my HUGE Edie piece, and on my closet door the very early makings of a pin/button/badge collection. I only started it recently so this corkboard is gonna be massive as time goes on. Do you see Lady Gaga hiding?

More lovely art on the wall by the closet and window. Inside the closet are boring clothes and way too much video equipment and props so I won't bore you with that!

Great Marlo art and actress heroes of mine.

This picture of Bill Murray is the first thing I see when I wake up every day.

Lots of Shawn art, toys, Alice teacups, Comic-Con film festival award.. and these rows of DVDs are my collections of TV series.

Hello lamp.

More great art. Presidents toys. My Bugs Bunny doll I've had since the day I was born. He's only 25 1/2 years old!

Boooooooks books books.

And back around to where we came in, the back of my bedroom door. Amazing art by John K and Kali up top, and don't forget.. SPAGETT!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Tune in for my next fun filler post: NICO'S TOP 20 FAVORITE MOVIES.