Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes, secret projects that I have been hard at work on with some friends are still under way.. which means it's still just a little longer of a wait before I can reveal to everyone what the big honkin' deal is.
I don't want my blog to die in the meantime, so until I can let the cat out of the bag I'm gonna try to do some fun filler posts to keep you all entertained. Before I just go ahead and steal Zach's idea for a cool blog post, I asked him permission to do this first! I just thought it was a really awesome idea for a blog entry, so without further ado, maybe you'd like to see the wonders and forbidden truths of... MY BEDROOM!

This is the top of the staircase which my bedroom is right by. You'll notice lots of awesome art and nifty toys. Be prepared to see a LOT more.

Right outside my door. D'awww.

Then... we enter! To begin the tour, here's a shot of the whole room. After that, let's turn slightly to the right.

This is the top of my computer desk. Yes those are bottles of Moxie.

My computer station. This is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean the boring acts of drawing my cartoons, editing my short films, and much useless internet surfing.

Slightly above the desk I have lots of wonderful art by friends! I have a crapload of art from my pals Kali, Ben and Shawn Dickinson scattered all over the place. I just love their stuff. Friends = good.

To the left of my computer desk is my world-famous DVD collection. Many people have told me that my DVD collection is the biggest and best they've seen. These shelves couldn't fit into the entire photo, plus they are only my live-action movies... the TV show DVDs and animated features DVDs are located elsewhere!

Miss Boop is here to escort you towards the rest of the tour. The rows and columns of DVDs under my TV are my animated features collection.

Above my TV are some more earthly treasures! This is a tiny portable TV that is at the very youngest 20 years old. It just looks so cool and futuristic/retro. I found it while thrifting at Savers. Also on the wall is Skadi, and various presents from friends like Ben, Katie Rice, Miss Withers and Kyle Carrozza!

Here is my HUGE Edie piece, and on my closet door the very early makings of a pin/button/badge collection. I only started it recently so this corkboard is gonna be massive as time goes on. Do you see Lady Gaga hiding?

More lovely art on the wall by the closet and window. Inside the closet are boring clothes and way too much video equipment and props so I won't bore you with that!

Great Marlo art and actress heroes of mine.

This picture of Bill Murray is the first thing I see when I wake up every day.

Lots of Shawn art, toys, Alice teacups, Comic-Con film festival award.. and these rows of DVDs are my collections of TV series.

Hello lamp.

More great art. Presidents toys. My Bugs Bunny doll I've had since the day I was born. He's only 25 1/2 years old!

Boooooooks books books.

And back around to where we came in, the back of my bedroom door. Amazing art by John K and Kali up top, and don't forget.. SPAGETT!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Tune in for my next fun filler post: NICO'S TOP 20 FAVORITE MOVIES.


Shawn Dickinson said...

Sooooo much awesome-ness!

Nick said...

one day i'll have an abode this awesome. though i might have to swap the bugs stuffie for a tony the tiger stuffie.

just to save money, of course.

Jessica said...

I spy a wool felt bunny!! Woo Hoo!

Niki said...

Let's play "Locate Lady Gaga," like "Where's Waldo accept in the end you get a ton of notices to put your pants back on.

Zach Bellissimo said...

Damn, Nico, your room is classy! Alot of nice picture frames and stuff!
I loooooooooooove that Boop statue you got! I wanted to steal it the first time I saw it at your old aprtmnt. I want one of those soooo bad! And we do have the same Boop VHS set! I love all your little knick knacks and that pretty much a majority of the stuff on your walls are from friends. I also love how your room is very neat and tidy. And I think our movie collections should either have a war or make babies lol.

AWESOME BRO!!!! I'll pretend Tara and I are partying with you and Kali in your room haha.

Chenny said...

coolies! i totally understand what you were talking about now haha ;)

its like an art museum! very wonderful and full of character.

Red said...

Your room ees awesome

Nico said...

thanks Budzoners!

talkingtj said...

thanks! now i know what to do with my room!

Pat Desilets said...


You have all this awesome stuff everywhere but man, that picture of Bill Murray by your bed, wow.

HenriekeG said...

Sorry to reply to an old post but man, I'm jealous now! Your collection of original art is awesome, I really have to try drawing your characters sometime!
My room would be a lot better if I wouldn't need to drill a giant hole and plug it for every little frame I want to hang up. Other than that it's pretty darn stuffed.

Salomon Fenix said...

cool room nico