Saturday, December 22, 2007


I SHOULD be working on my animated short. I've got all the vocals recorded, which is something, right?? I've just gotta *ahem*.. start DRAWING the damn thing.

But NOPE, I've been a slacker!!!!! A dirty movie-watching slacker. Silents to be precise. And after years 'n years of being a fan of silents, I finally decided to draw a couple of my heroes from this era.


What can I say? He's Buster "FRIGGEN" Keaton. After only one of his silent masterpieces you'll fall in love with the guy. His expressions (or lack thereof) are hilarious, and his timing and stunts are incredible, unlike anything you've ever seen an actor do.



What a babe! The ultimate flapper. Her signature "sad" stare can strike your heart, and her smile can melt your heart. One of my favorite films of all-time stars her- PANDORA'S BOX!

Here was my first shot at her.. I thought it came out okay but a bit too cartoony. Also for some reason it kind of looks like anime. WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE ANIME?? Oh well, I think it's cute anyway.

I think my 2nd attempt is a bit better.

K THX FOR LOOKIN... Bye for now!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


MAN, that last post I made was a stinker! So I decided to do everyone a favor and post some of my favorite screencaps from some of the greatest cartoons ever made, particularly Bob Clampett's.

I captured ALL these images myself, but toned down the saturation and contrast a little bit on all of the colored photos since they're boosted up a bit too much on the DVDs.
Below- the image on the right is what the DVDs look like, and the image on the left is what I've "fixed" it to. I'm sure it's a heck of a lot closer to what the cartoons actually looked like when they were made, not to mention a bit easier on the eyes, isn't it?

OK DOWN TO BUSINESS. Some of my favorite scenes are below!!!
You know, Bob has directed some of the most fun cartoons ever made. These films are what I can't wait to come home to, and watch over and over... not to mention the beautiful poses in which to copy drawing!

Lookit this expression!

I love how giddy Daffy gets whilst pouring gravy on his naked self. So cute and dirty at the same time!

I think one of the strongest scenes in animation EVER is "Great Piggy Bank Robbery" where Daffy's freaking about his piggy bank being stolen... YOU know the one I'm talkin' about. Anyway, I would totally put up screencaps of that here, but you can find them on practically EVERYONE else's cartoon blogs! I decided to stick to posting stuff that's a bit more of a variety!


MAN what a cartoon take!!

I love when parts of your house become rubber!!!:

Gruesome Twosome is one of the most violent cartoons you'll ever see. GO WATCH IT NOW. It's mind-blowing.

LOVE this guy's nose, and the orifices it enters throughout the film.

Look! Tweety used to be funny!

My favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon, ever since I first saw this on a VHS collection when I was 7 or 8, is FALLING HARE. I think this beginning scene, along with the beginning scene in TORTOISE WINS BY A HARE where Bugs rants about Cecil Turtle, is THE BEST animation of Bugs Bunny ever made. We have Rod Scribner and Bob McKimson to thank for these!

What a happy, fun film. Cartoons at their prime.

I LOVE how they draw Bugs like a real rabbit sometimes!

Look at these poses!

As a kid, adults all around me would be all pissed off that I was watching Ren & Stimpy and Rocko, with all the gross veins and bulgy eyes and that kind of stuff that causes kids to go into trauma. But then I discovered that veiny drawings have always been around!

This cartoon in particular I just recently watched for the very first time, while going through my Looney Tunes Golden Collection volumes. It's one of Clampett's earlier works but I'M IN LOVE WITH IT.

It's such an innocent, benign little film, but at the same time there's violence, intoxication and women's underwear, all over the place!

I love these two little guys. I wish they made more cartoons with them! I might be weird, but I also like a lot of other OOOOOLD short-lived characters... Egghead, Gabby Goat, etc.


I could go on and on and on with the screencaps and creepy amounts of obsession that I hold for Clampett and his work. But the last thing I wanna share is from another cartoon I discovered for the first time, on the same disc! "Porky in Egypt"... and this scene with Porky's camel going mad from the intense desert heat has me ROLLING! It's so deranged, especially for a 1930's movie audience! So I've just captured it and uploaded it for you, my beloved reader, to watch.
It looks like it could've inspired the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, where Stimpy's yak is going insane in the middle of nowhere!! What do you think?

Until next time!!!!