Sunday, June 15, 2008


So not to completely upstage Hryma (okay, maybe a little bit), but it just so happens that my main PICs (partners in crime) Molly 'n Carl threw an art jam at their place- last night!!!! Everyone was gettin' all creative and arty! And drinky! It was pretty sexy.

Some folks painted, others sketched... Jess crocheted!

T-rex attacks!!!!!!! oh carl.

As for me? I drew Luke's mug with me and M 'n C as naked cherubs floating around it. Here he is holding my gift for him. I told him to act as happy as he could possibly muster.

Wow Molls, that's "dino"mite!!! Ha ha! SEAL THE DEAL!!!!!!

"Back to work!!!" HAHAHA yea right!

"Ok, enough art for one night. Time for sex!" Oh, you crazy kids!!!!!
This deal... has been sealed.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What fun! A veritable art orgy! Are there secret handshakes you need to learn to gain admittance?

I seriously hope you aren't shitting us and get Eddie to produce a show with your video expertise!

That would be the best thing ever! Well, maybe not the best thing.

Next to free healthcare, an atheist president, $0.99 unleaded gas, the auditing of the Federal Reserve, and the rescinding of the illegality of non-prescription drugs, a semi-professional weekly Eddie Fitzgerald show would be the best thing ever.

And if there's other best things which could be sandwiched inbetween those suggestions, then I don't know what they could be.

Shallow, simple fucker that I am.

- trevor.

Nico said...

yeah! Kali got us all together last December for a school short she was doing and that was a blast! so i'd love to do more with Eddie. I make short vidz all the time and love doing them with everyone I possibly can! I love the chemistry Kal and i share so I think she and i should team up with Eddie to write and do more stuff.

i'm doing a thing with her and Katie pretty soon which I'm pumped for. Can't tell aaaanything about that tho, top secret.
after all, you know what they say!!!!! “Satan's balls are my cup of tea”

Hryma said...

Arghhh, screw you, it's ON!!!

Hryma said...

probably not though.

trevor said...

I wish Kali'd upload that short! All I got to see was an outtake of Eddie theorizing ( like he does ) about poetry.

Much treasured, of course, but it only left me hungry for more.

- trevor.

Nico said...

Well Kal gave me an... about 95% done, I'm guessing?... copy, but I think that's all that exists of it. She couldn't complete it 100 per cent because the only place she could edit it was at school, and since she's now done with Otis, she can't really work on it any further.

It's definitely a watchable video as of right now, but there's many little kinks and bugs that aren't worked out that I don't think Kal wants to upload. So i guess it will be forever a lost project!! Maybe someday though, it's all up to her.
I, on the other hand, love it and think it's funny! And creepy. Eddie's mug in HI-DEF VIDEO is amazing.

J. said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog, yo. You do good stuff. Are you going to school?

Ideally, I'm wanting to add more to that Loverboy video. I have no idea if John K has seen it or not but he's obviously one of my top influencesBORING COMMENT.

Molly Moxie said...

Aw yay! That was so much fun! We must have another one!