Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's the weekend and you know what that means: ANOTHER awesome party! This party's theme: Pajama party! Plus bring a box of your favorite cereal to eat. Look what happened!!

Imagine an average breakfast-eating and cartoon-watching Saturday morning when you were a kid. Here it is except with mature full-grown adults. Plus OJ and plenty of vodka.

Behold- Molly and I bring you love.

Jenny and the Leaning Tower of CEREAL

"Guess the Cereal" Game!! I came in last place!
Oh, we have fun.


I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this one! But it's
so funny and awesome. Fruity Pebbles' new promo shot. HAHA!

You know, in the 8 years I've been friends with her, I've NEVER been able to peg a good drawing of Molly. Let me tell all you cartoonists right now that she is a TOUGHIE!! Her features and face are so striking, yet extremely subtle. Kali gave it a good shot here and it inspired me to try again. I challenge all you caricature artists out there to try drawing her!!

This might be the closest I've ever gotten, but I still don't feel like I've done her justice. What do you think?

HEY! Here is a thank-you gift for my good pal Ben, for sending me all that amazing artwork last week! He is artistically gifted beyond measure and might I add also quite a sexy gent. Go visit his blog NOW!!!

What some friends and I are most raving about lately is something Ben introduced to me: a CANADIAN DELICACY known as POUTINE!! Seasoned french fries mixed with cheese curds and topped with dark gravy.

This stuff looks crazy!!!!

I guess the last thing the USA needs right now is another heart-clogging fast food pile of who-knows-what, but damn it if I don't wanna try this stuff RIGHT NOW. Ben better bring a tub of it down when he comes to visit!

BTW- speaking of Canada's superiority, John K. smuggled a big case of some Labatt 50 coming back from his holiday visit up north and let me enjoy a couple cans. WOW, what a beer!!

I think it's best quality is how quenchable it is for that manly thirst. After drinking it, it just makes you wanna grow a beard and go chop down some trees or something! BUT- unfortunately you can only find this in Canada.
And John says to ignore all that "Labatt Blue" stuff.. it's FAKE canadian beer that's made HERE in the States! Oh how our country LIES to us!! Totally lame. So I saved my can and it now proudly sits on the bookshelf in my room. Awesome.


Shawn said...

Fun times! My friends and I had a cartoon/cereal party once too (with an open cereal bar) was great! Have you ever tried the "atomic bowl"? It's basically EVERY sugary cereal you can think of mixed into ONE bowl. It's enough fun to give you a heart attack!

I love the picture of Molly pouring Fruity Pebbles into her mouth, haha! And I love the new Nico art too!

I'm lucky John let me try a can of his precious Labatt 50 too. Now I know what REAL beer is. Not like that "rat piss". I wish we had a nice Canadian government to stock our shelves with the good stuff. I'd pound one every morning, then go shoot a moose.

Molly said...

You are in trouble.

Just kidding!

Niki said...

Oh Wow! You guys got pretty loosened up! Logic says that was the place to be!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Hey Molly- is that a shirt you're wearing or a dress- I can't tell but it's cute either way!

Anonymous said...

Sure, you Sun Belters know how to party, but--- NO QUISP?!

bill said...

you guys are such dorks.

Nico said...

YEA that Labatt rules. it's as smooth as water but makes you feel tough and rugged. I want more, now!!

Very funny, sugar addict! BTW, I'm hosting your intervention next week.

pretty much anywhere with Molly and Carl is the place to be

Molly's outfit was a shirt and pants! also, We missed you! we all wished you could have been there. :(

ah, yes I would have brought Quisp but the only place I can find it is and it'd take at least a few days to be shipped here! sooo i brought my next favorite, fruity pebbles, instead.

we're dorks.. ON A MISSION!!

Frank Macchia said...

Nice post Nico!

you made my cheeks blush with my gravy/beer laden Canadian blood.

In America's defense, Canada's downfall is actually our cereal selection...the cereal isles in Canadian grocery stores are depressing....think of your favourite cereals....we dont have em. lol

BUT! we make up for it with our chip flavours...we've got Lay's ketchup chips, blue cheese chips, roast chicken chips, smokey bacon chips, all dressed, zesty mordant, curry, tanduri, pizza...the list goes on...and even Poutine chips

But yeah, in conclusion, youve gotta try Poutine.

Corey said...

Poutine is the sole reason why the US should invade Canada

Tara Billinger said...

Wow! I want a cereal guessing contest party too! I can eat my weight in cereal. Love the pictures, her outfit is so rainbowlicious. hahaha It makes the picture.

Thanks again for all the kind comments! Looking forward to your coraline work and other goodie goodies. I've added ya too! It means so much that you come by and visit!

Molly said...

And this is why Bill doesn't get invited to any of my parties.

Molly said...

Oh! And Kali- It's a full on pajama shirt/pant combo. I figured if we were wearing pajamas I might as well wear my most ridiculous.

J Cola said...

I've have Poutine before in my French class. It is heavy stuff. Also, I don't think I can eat cereal for a long while.

Trevor Thompson said...

Dude, I haven't had a cereal party in eons! Good to know me and my pals here on the east coast aren't the only ones who indulge.

Party on, Wayne.

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

Our beer kicks your beer's ass. I can't believe I read this blog post today. Me and my buddy Dallin were literally talking about this very topic a few hours ago.

Allow me to transcribe:

Dallin: What u doing tonight Geraldo?
Jorge: Going to a pub with some friends
D: Drink Dos Equis
J: Labat 50
D: Pffft
J: I know what I'm doing, breetz
D: Labatt eh
J: That's a mans beer, ill tell you that much
D: Labatt cant brew budweiser is better nothin beats stella and heineken and rickards and Guinness cause im a dirty brit
J: Im with you on some but bud is american piss eau
D: 50 is a mans beer yes but the fact they make blue pisses me off
J: My dad drinks blue shit sux bro
D: Worst Beer
J: I drink cocktails, whisky that is
D: Fuck ya bro i auerage 10 a night plus a pitcher
J: Then finish off with a plate of cigars for dessert
D: Always i wanna start my own brewery the bottle would say Skellett's in gold cursive made in london

Kali Fontecchio said...


Hryma said...

Wowza! look at that cereal!!
So many colours!!!

I had those 'pebbles' once
and I stress once, damn near broke my teeth, I think they were actually pebbles.
*There's a bad add to counteract the good add in the promo shot.

david gemmill said...


Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

As a canadian, just wanna set the record straight, and say that TRUE poutine is made with Cheese Curds.
It was invented in Quebec, but now you can get it EVERYWHERE, including lots of fast food chains, like harveys!
and Frank! i had no idea there was such a thing as blue cheese chips. omg. gimme some. nom nom nom.

Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

ps. labatt 50?!? REALLY? le gross!!!
Labatt 50 is for seniors from Northern Ontario who Play Golf every wednesday night and make inappropriate comments to teenage waitresses.
just speaking from experience.

Try Creemore if you're ever up here again. as a non-beer lover, I can say, its not bad.

Nico said...

oh CRAP!!! I meant to type "cheese curds" but for some reason I wrote "grated cheese"!!! Error FIXED. Thanks Sam!!! i am your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Labatt 50 has a reputation for being drunk by old people (my friend Hahn laughed at me, saying "Old people drink that shit warm!") and hipsters but that doesn't mean it's not a great beer. I hate it when people let others dictate what they buy.

"I like Labatt 50 but I don't want to be called a hipster so I won't drink it" or "I'm a hipster so I can't drink Budweiser even though it's my favourite beer." Who cares?

Just drink whatever beer you like best, without any regard to the fucking consequences or repercussions. Be your own man. Even if you're a girl.

Also, why would anyone take beer advice from a non-beer lover, Sam?

By the way, Nico, I read somewhere that Labatt 50 is available in the states but it's sold as "Labatt Canadian Ale" I bet a big city like LA would have it.