Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay this might have been the coolest week for art ever!!!

First of all, this weekend was another ART JAM NIGHT at Molly and Carl's (blog pending) house!! Painting, drawing, photography, crafty crafts! And beer!! It was basically friggen awesome?

"You can call me Flower!"

I attempted caricatures for the night.. here's one of famous tattoo artist extraordinaire David Williams.

Sean made a self-portrait cut out. Complete with blue nipples and armpit hair!

Jess made a million awesome things but my favorite- this felt T-REX!!

I also drew local music legend Adam Nixon.

Hellen is a beautiful flower and has a great face for cartoony fun drawing. By this time I was tipsy from too much beer and I really don't think I did her any justice with this!! This is way too wonky, but oh well.

What a great gathering of pals! But that's not the end of Super Awesome Art Week...

A few days ago I got... DUN DUN DUNNNN!! A package in the mail from BEN!!!!! He sent me paintings and doodles!! It was like getting golden treasure mailed to me.

LOOK at this painting he did of Maude Macher!!!! Isn't it beautiful? This is going right on me and Kali's hallway wall!!!

Molly holding treasure!!

Eeeee!!! A painted present for Katie Rice of her very own character Skadi!! She's gonna love it.

AND a painting of a character based on me in his upcoming Jo the Faux webcomic! OMG!!!!!!

I just can't thank you enough buddy. You rock!!!! What a happy happy art week, thanks to all my pals.


Niki said...

Interesting. I may just have to teleport over sometime, in the far future...

Molly said...

So much fun! Thanks for suggesting it, buddy!

I love Sean and his laughing face. So adorable.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yayyyy! Look likes fun! I'm jealous!

I like that portrait Ben did of you Nico! And Molly's Flower is poifect!

Trevor Thompson said...

Dude, you should film these.

- trevor.

Ben Forbes said...

This post rocks! I'm so happy all my paintings got to you in one piece! Though... why the hell did I fold the marker drawing?

This art jam looks like a lot of fun! I need to post my Molly drawings sooooooon!

Nico said...

yay Ben! DO IT!!!!!

Molly, next party: CEREAL AND PAJAMAS PARTY! woo!

Hellen Harty said...

It is not too wonky! I love it, and I appreciate the flower metaphor. I try, really, really, really hard to be a flower. And sometimes it's nice to get a little recognition.

Shawn said...

You lucky goons...with yer fun "art nights" and whatnot! Looks like FUN!

p.s. Shawn misses his pal Nico!