Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Fat Hairy Update!

It's been foreverrrrrr since I've posted! Is Blogger dying? Everybody is now over on TUMBLR!!!!!
This blog will continue on, of course, but if you want to see much more up-to-the-moment updates with my art and life in general, go follow my Tumblr. It's fun, promise.

So here's some Nico cartoons from the past month or two. Check out the skin design I did for my new iPod tOuch!

Channel 101 fanart! Myke Chilian's Puzzles...

Kate Freund's Le Typewriter...

Friend Deanna!

Cover art for the 27th episode of The Grandma's Virginity Podcast, starring Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley and Jackie Buscarino!

GUESS WHAT!! The quadfecta is now complete: Tara Billinger moved in with us last month! Here is a piece I did to celebrate!

Tara's celebratory cartoon!!!! I love how each of us are represented by our characters partyin' all together!

Here is Jack's portrait! So awesome! You must join our cult!

Live action family portrait coming soon!
I love these crazy kids. Our apartment is now a powerhouse of cartoon happiness.

Lastly, my birthday was last week and I got some amazing art gifties. Here are some of my favorite cartoon ladies, courtesy of Kali!!! <3

More amazement from Tara!!!

Jack drew me as KERMIE!

And some international Scribble and Skarfy fanart by the talented Hammerson! I love this, man!

I have much more new art to share, but I'll save some of it for the next post!
Thanks for visiting my blogggggg.


Seth Nicholas Johnson said...

Whatever happened to Bacon Strips? I was really looking forward to it.

Aron said...

I still prefer Blogger over Tumblr :D

The iPlod pic is my favorite!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Nico said...

Our comics are still being worked on, and a batch are even ready and sitting on the digital shelf just waiting to be posted. It's just been a really bumpy road with the HTML/programming of the actual website. So hang on tight, Bacon Strips IS coming.



Benjamin said...

Love those S+S heads. Have to agree with Kali, CARTOON HAPPY FUN TIME!

Seth Nicholas Johnson said...

Excellent. I can't wait ... but, of course, I will.

Chenny said...

Such cute photos! i LOVE your design for your ipod touch, adoorrable! Really cool caricatures too! :D

Nico said...


hehe, Thanks!

Thanks so much! It means a ton, coming from you!

Tara Billinger said...

Yay! We will get your skin on your ipod SOMEDAY soon. And all this art makes me so excited for the future. C:

Mattieshoe said...

Heya, Nico! :D

Random inspiration has possessed me to draw you and Kali, here's what I hath wrought:

Nico said...

Haha that's wild, man! Thanks for wanting to draw our mugs!