Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Wrapup!

The holidays have come and gone, 2011's already started up, I have new jobs, additional new roommates... Times are changing, and much too fast! But it's all going great right now. So the following post is a "cheater post", because I want to show off how my holidays were and what kind of goodies I got. Enjoy!

BOXING DAY is the most anticipated day of the year! This British-themed party that Molly and Carl threw was so much fun! Here's Kali as Vyvyan from The Young Ones. I accidentally missed the "british" memo.

Molly ROCKS IT. Hahaha!

Carl wants to sweep your chimneys. Kali wants you to STICK IT.

Oh yeah, and that Christmas thing happened too. I got lots of great gifts! Here's a DEVO wallet from Molly and Carl!

Swanky new headphones from Kali! Thanks so much budzone!!!

More from Molly and Carl! A Mad Hatter pin and a little finger friend. I got the Donald pin for myself, haha.

Brianne sent me this super cute holiday card! Thank you soo much, pal!

I also got tons of other gifts, mostly for me! Look at all the awesome I gave to myself... like Sugar Pops Pete!!

Disney Gremlins and Alice toys!

A lovable, hugable Neil Hamburger plush doll. Purchased at a live show of his I attended at Club Congress, whoa!!

My new favorite coffee mug.

These AMAZING tiki masks were found at the greatest store on earth, Bookman's. Gonna put these babies right up on our living room wall!

And last but certainly not least, my big present to myself: these gorgeous Dia de los Muertos statues!!!!

Don't let these photos fool you- these two are HUGE. Like a foot and a half tall. Hand-sculpted and extremely fragile.

Finally, right up until the 31st it was nonstop fun. Here's our New Years karaoke night!

A Ms. Pac-Man arcade game is the best kind of table for relaxing with your drinks.

"Do I creep you out?"

Well, a new year brings new possibilities, new memories, and new fun. The next couple weeks especially, we will be bringing webcomics, brand new short videos and other great surprises to you. Until then!


Kali Fontecchio said...

"Do I creep you out?"


We had a ton of fun...but I think 2011 is going to...dare I say it.... RULE BALLS!!!!!

Molly said...

That Sugar Pops bear and Neil Hamburger doll are awesome! Did you get the Dia de Los Luertos dolls at Copper Country?

I'm so excited for 2011, when you and Kali rule all of our ballz!

Nico said...

Molly- I saw tons at Copper Country! But I got these from La Iguana Art Gallery, across the street from Brooklyn Pizza on 4th Ave!

I'm getting quite the impression that many balls are going to be ruled in the not too distant future!

Max Ward said...

I've been to bookmans, seen worn, used books for cover price, and items in their thrift shop sold for 5$ that cost $1 at the 99 cent store. I don't like bookmans!!!

Nico said...

Oh you gotta be kidding me! Bookmans is THE BEST!