Monday, April 18, 2011

Corny Doggz in a Pie-Ay-Yi House

Here's a special anniversary drawing for the beloved Californian beach chain Hot Dog on a Stick. They loved it!

Some fanart for friends Kate Freund and Kyle Reiter's Channel 101 series Legend of the White Tiger.

Remember the iPod skin cover I designed? Here it is in all it's skinned up glory!

Plus a couple of foodle doodles whilst spending an evening at the amazing House o' Pies.

Also, if you've been thinking about buying my new print then now's the time. I've only got about 10 of these suckers left!

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Back to work...


Stephen Worth said...

Hot Dog on a Stick girls are supposed to be hot and sexy, not cute and baby like!

Aron said...

oh, them pies!

Benjamin said...

The iPhone skin is so cute. Great Hot Dog on a Stick drawing too!

David Nethery said...

I love that print with the 30's cartoon characters.

I sometimes teach a history of animation class and that drawing would actually function as quiz to see how deep a person's knowledge of old cartoons goes before they start the class. Of course I'd expect almost everyone to get the top line: Mickey and Oswald.

Then Bosko and Felix - a little more obscure for the average person, but still should be pretty easy for a cartoon fan or student of animation. (actually a lot of people would probably get Felix before they'd get Bosko or Oswald , although recognition of Oswald has spiked up a bit in recent years due to Disney re-acquiring the character and marketing him in merchandise and Epic Mickey video game)

Bimbo and Flip - This is where a lot of people will not be so sure ... now we're getting into the arena of the true fan/scholar.

Buddy and Scrappy - probably only a few students will know the names of these two on Day 1 of class without having to look them up.

(bonus Extra credit for anyone who answers correctly when an image of Toby the Pup and Fitz goes up on the screen. Please , no Googling. )

So I realize this is an old post. Do you still have any of these prints for sale ?