Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LYFE IN 2010

I've been working almost EVERY NIGHT lately! I'm so busy being tired from work and social with friends that drawing has been a little on the backburner lately. But I am forcing myself to come back online for a moment and share my latest stuff with you nice people!

Scribble and Skarfy appear in a poster you might hang in a guidance counselor's office. Rub their bellies for good fortune!

(the ink, and pre-textured color)

I'm having a really great time drawing Scribble and Skarfy lately, but I think that simple one-piece drawings (like the one above) aren't enough for them. So I've decided that I'm honestly and truthfully going to start doing Hipstergirls webcomics. Yay!!

I've come up with a little over a dozen ideas for strips so far, and I'm getting more all the time. It'll be a while before the comics debut, but trust me when I say that you won't wanna miss 'em!

Remember the girls' new friend Jen that I talked about in the last post? Well since then I've given her a bit of a visual overhaul, just like I was planning to. Lots of minor changes, but they all add up to a character design that I'm now much more satisfied with.

Below is a SUPER quick crapdoodle of all three girls, just for height comparisons.

Here's something funny-
I was looking through my files and found a Jo the Faux comic I made for Ben in April 2009 that I completely forgot to ever post up here. Oh well, 10 months late is better than nothing. Yes, that is Ben and me as his characters in the last panel!

Lastly, here's my awesome pals Mariella and Rev. Alex Italics! All these years and I finally get around to drawing them together. Took me long enough!

I'm actively taking art commissions again!
Want a drawing of one of my characters?
How about one of your characters?
Cute girls, wacky forest animals, caricatures?
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Colter said...

Good stuff Nico, digging the Jo the Faux comic!

Alex Italics said...

You've captured our relationship perfectly!

Tim said...

Nice work Nico.

Molly said...

Very well done on the Alex and Mariella!

Ricky said...

The drawing of Ms. Morton and the drawing of Lady Gaga (last post) are particularly great likenesses!

Hellen C. Harty said...

It all looks so so good! Love the Mariella and Alex one!

Benjamin Anders said...

Kick ass post, Nico! Loved the comic ever since you first sent it to me :)

Skarfy and Scribbles are developing into some really great characters. Can't wait to see where they go.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Love that Mari and Alex drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So goooooood!

And that Jo comic was cute!!! She's a wittle fuzz ball!!!

Chenny said...

That comic is so awesome! really nice expressions and poses! Also i adore the scribble/skarfy piece, very zen..can't wait to see those future comics!

Zach Bellissimo said...

omg omg omg Scribble and Skarfy COMICS! YES! Nico, that is a top notch idear! Are you gonna post em up here or create a separate blog just for the strips?

Anyway its an awesome idea and I look forward to it coming into reality. I'm diggin the gothy lookin chick too, haha.

Nico said...

thanks everyone!
Pretty sure the comics will have their own blog. It's too early to say for sure, but yeah. There's some crazy ideas and adventures that I've got brewing for the Girls so far, so stay tuned!

dogimo said...

Class poster. Jen character design impressive - she walks in her own shadow!

Looking forward to the comic.

Anonymous said...

Great drawings, Nico! Hey, do you mind if I do a few "double takes" style posts about actresses I like on my blog? I figure it's better than bothering you for requests.

Nico said...

Sure! It's your blog. ;P