Thursday, December 3, 2009


Wow- you like them, you really like them!
I'm kind of overwhelmed how much everyone likes Scribble and Skarfy! I only created them a couple months ago, but a few of my pals have created fanart for them! I'd love to share them here.

This below is by Jenny and it's incredible! Realistic Skarfy! Haha, awesome! And yes, she's reading Twilight!

Kali takes on the girls! Sooo cute. Plus hand-drawn on paper!! This is definitely going on my wall.
BONUS! Kali sketch pre-markered!
Ben Ben Ben!!! His Skarfys are so adorable and his Scribble kicks ass! Love the detail in her hair. Ben also went the extra mile and drew what Skarfy MIGHT look like behind her scarf! Haha, nice!
Aww, it's Skarfy Katie-fied!! What makes this even cooler is the "Disney Television Animation" print at the top. It looks like behind-the-scenes art for a Scribble and Skarfy series on Disney Channel or something. haha!!
THESE two below are real treats, by the wonderfully cute stylings of Cheyenne! How awesome is this below??

And not one, but TWO fanarts! Hooray! Look at them dance! Also, you nailed their floppy boobies. Thanks Chenny!!
Thank you EVERYONE! The girls thank you too!


Jessica said...

I loves loves loves it. I would totally roll my eyes behind their back.

Is that a nip slip?

Kali Fontecchio said...

These are awesome! I especially love Ben's!

Nico is a hipster!

J Cola said...

I need to get on finishing my Scribbles

Kali Fontecchio said...

Did you do yours by hand or on the computer Jenny?

Niki said...

This time there's one I like more than Katie's! and it's Kali's! most probably because of the flavorful coloring!

Tara Billinger said...

These are all beyond amazing. D:
I love them all!

Chenny said...

Woahhh I can't believe how wonderful everyone's turned out! So many different interpretations! Scribble's attitude really comes out in Kali's! And Ben made Skarfy so beautiful and mysterious and sexaaay, i love her hair!

P.S yep, that's a nip slip ;)

Nico said...

Jess- Indeed it is! Chenny is a slippery one.

Kali- Me, a hipster? ..yeah, I pretty much am. :/

Jenny- Eeee hee hee I can't wait!

Niki- I love them!

Tara- Agreed! OMG I would die if I saw S&S, Tara-style.

Chenny- Yes, I think it is everyone's different interpretations of the same two characters that make me the most excited. Thank you especially SO MUCH Chenny for making me two!!

Niki said...

I've actually been pretty confused on how to draw them too! These help out a lot cause I fear them!

J Cola said...

I did my all digitally, but I didn't give Nico the digital file. So he just had a print.

callie! said...

LORD. These are all so cute and amazing. I wanna take this post and put it in its own little bucket.

Trevor Thompson said...

You know you've arrived in the cartoon world when you're getting fan art.

These are all really..... hip?