Monday, October 5, 2009


So maybe you remember my drawings of various hipster girls from a little while ago? Well I particularly liked these two girlies the most, and I think I see some potential for a couple of fun characters.

Scribble and Skarfy are best friends and are not unlike any average 20-year old girls you could see within a short trip around your local shopping mall ("Scribble" and "Skarfy" are only the nicknames they refer to themselves as, of course... they have real birth-given names, maybe someday you'll find out what they are!)

Every day is a new adventure for them and their other scene kid friends. They love to do all sorts of things, including standing around outside of nightclubs, shopping at American Apparel, and causing hour and a half-long wait times for all the hippest noodle and rice-bowl restaurants in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles.

I just this moment found this via Google image search-

While Scribble is the schemer and always the one doing the talking, Skarfy keeps a lot to herself. She hides behind her fashionable scarf, and her collection of thick-rimmed glasses that Buddy Holly or Audrey Hepburn made popular decades ago. NOTE: Being a hipster, she does not actually need prescriptions in any these glasses... she can see just fine without them.

Don't you see folks like this when you go out to parties?

There are transparent rough sketches adorning the background of the character model sheets above, and here they are on their own:

I'm not too much farther into developing these characters than what you see here, but I've got plenty of ideas for them and I think I'm going to be doing some little webcomics about them in the near future. I'm excited to see what'll be coming up!

That's all for now! Thanks for looking.


Ricky said...

I know I'm supposed to hate those girls but secretly they drive me crazy

Vincent Waller said...

Your drawerings are getting better and better.

Kali Fontecchio said...

They're 2 kewl fer school.

I like the idea of Scarfy never having a mouth.

Shawn Dickinson said...

I love that drawing of Scarfy where you can see her pupils through the glasses. And the design of those glasses look great.

You should post the Scribble and Scarfy sketches you drew on your place mat during our pizza-gourging hour the other night. They looked awesome with the brush pen!

Jessica said...

Loving it!

Nico said...

*points to self* Guilty as charged.

Thanks so much Vincent! That means a ton coming from you, I appreciate it

Yep, it'll be a good long while before we see what's under that scarf. Who knows what there could be...

Oh yeah! I forgot about those, thanks for reminding me. I'll have to take a look at them again and see if I like them enough to post them :)

like MickeeD'z??

Workshop Cooker said...

Dude, these are great. Are they going to be real scene kids, that work at independent record stores or are they going to be the kind that work at hot topic? P.S. My Word verification was pregylax. That sounds like a new product for pregnant ladies.

callie! said...

Ha ha! I never uploaded my scene girls because I suck. I made Fatty and Paris. I guess I should probably scan them in when I get a chance.

If you take off Scarfy's scarf, there are actually octopus tentacles where her mouth should be. Horrific.

Tara Billinger said...

Its funny how I'm a 20 year old girl but I never done any of the activities these two girls venture into. XD Oh, the hilarity.

I'm liking theses designs Nico and I have a guilty pleasure of owning slip ons. *Is all I have*

Nico said...

Casey- Hot Topic employees, they are definitely not. Those kids are told by the HT company to dress and act the way they do. Scribble and Skarfy are true hipsters, so they definitely work at a place like Zia, or Amoeba Records.
HAHAHA, pregylax! "Don't wanna wait 9 months to have your baby? Just use PregyLax and poop him out NOW!"

All I'm gonna say for now is: There's a reason we're not allowed to see Skarfy's mouth.

Thankyou Tara!! Actually, I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression... By making fun of hipsters and their clothing and style, that does not mean that I don't like them. I just find humor in them, like I find humor in everyone. I mean, I'm guilty of wearing vests over my t-shirts and shopping at Urban Outfitters, which is what most hipsters do. Look at my signature thick GLASSES for crying out loud... every hipster on the planet wears them right now! (although I actually need mine to see) And to be honest, Skarfy's slip ons are based on yours.. for reals!

I'm with Ricky in saying that there's something about the hipster style that I think is cool :)

Katie said...

YES!!! ! was waiting to see more of these two!! I can't wait to see what your comic will be like. Can I do some fan art sometime? :)

P.S. It's not as good as "pregylax", but my verification word is "dimpt". What a nice sound effect!

P.P.S. Flat, slip on shoes for girls are awesome! Comfy and cute! Not everyone wants to wear high heels all the time. Poo on that!

Niki said...

Hipsters! My idea was about a single mother...from space.

Zach Bellissimo said...

Haha those kinda girls used to drive me crazy too, but now they just seem really fake and fun to make fun of!

But this duo is great. Skarfy is my favorite. MORE PREEZ!

Nico said...

Would I like my hero to draw my characters? Um, OMG YES!!!!!! (agreed, flat slip ons are super cute!)

Got any drawings of her? Show us!

Haha, yes they are quite easy to make fun of (hence the lack of any real thought on my part to create these two characters) BUT I gotta admit a lot of them can sure be cuties!

david gemmill said...

haaha i love these scribble and scarfys. hilarious!

Trevor Thompson said...

Sorry to swear, Nico, but these are some pretty tits drawings you got here. And yes, I have met a girl like that at a party.

The real story came later.... as did I.

Please post the brush pen drawings Shawn was talking about.

Benjamin Anders said...

Great job!

Chenny said...

I reeally like Scribble's design, i love her teeth! she has a very unique face..and i'm sure Skarfy has one too under that swankified should totally think about giving them hipster-boy love interests!

Nico said...

thanks brofessional!!

Thankyou! I went in my car and found the brush inks of the girls I did on a pizza placemat a few nights ago, BUT I don't think I like them enough to post 'em. Oh wellllz

Thanks hun!

Thank you!! Yay for being a Scribble fan! I was hoping folks liked her too, all my feedback has been for Skarfy mostly (which of course I still appreciate).
Yep, I've already got boyfriends planned for the girls! Much more about Skarfy and Scribb will be revealed through the eventual comics I'd like to make. Stay tuuuned?

J Cola said...

Do you remember Phoebe from Hey Arnold. That's who Scarfy reminds me of a little bit.

Katie said...

Aww!! Just noticed the cute little Jess head you added!! Pretty!

Nico said...

Never watched Hey Arnold, I'll see if I can google image search it!

yeah! And a couple more pals are on the way... ;)

Tara Billinger said...

For serious? :3 *wears slip ons with pride*

Plus, how can anyone NOT love thick rimmed glasses *adjusts her black glasses politely*