Monday, September 22, 2008


so Molly and Carl, being the completely awesome people they are, threw me a big bash this weekend! THANK YOU to some 25+ people who showed up. Good times, bitches. I can still feel the booze flowing through my poor, poor veins.

However, not only was that totally effing sweet, but our friend Alex came up with an idea for a party initiation task: Instead of the usual caricatures of friends that I draw, everyone who attends must draw a caricature of ME!

(below by David Williams)

SO I now have a delightful stack of doodles from these crazy kids. Check 'em out!

by Jenny

by Carl

by Molly

by Marc

by Luke

by Nino
by Gabriela
by Jess

by Casey

by Carolyn

by Monique

by Kyle

by Brian

by Alex

by Josh

by Stephanie

by Dave

My friends kick ass!!


Hryma said...

That's great, very cool.
Time to upstage your/Alex's idea!
Na, I wont.
What be the occasion?

Nico said...

my balls dropped

Hryma said...

Congratulations! (in a chipmunk voice)you lucky bastard.

trevor said...

My boys seem to be in a race to get to my knees.

And one of them's winning.

Where's my party?

- trevor.

PS: What's the status on the Happy Hour DVD?

Nico said...

menus are all done.
Kali and i are doing a commentary within the next couple days, whenever we arent lazy, and then all commentaries will be done. Then I'll start testing discs!

Hellen Harty said...

I'm so bummed I missed out on drawing Nico cartoons, I might have to draw one and even add glitter and send it to you?! Shhhhhhhhhhit yes! I hope California is nice times!