Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Favorite Mickey!

Of course everyone likes Mickey Mouse, but I looooove his first dozen or so batch of cartoons, from his first couple years. They're surreal, violent, and not at all how today's modern public knows Mickey. I captured the clips below to show you.

This is the song "Minnie's Yoo-Hoo". Carefully watch Mickey's mouth throughout this clip... It's gotta be some of the craziest, naughtiest animation the Disney studio ever produced! I say "naughty" because, well, you can see why if you pause on certain frames!

The clip below is from the "Karnival Kid". Another reason this first batch of shorts is so crazy is because they were before Mickey's signature high-pitched happy voice... In this clip, he sounds like a man!
Also, tons of the oldest cartoons have jokes aimed at Minnie's pantyhose or underwear. This scene has one of 'em! Nothing like a good butt joke.

Finally, this clip from "The Barn Dance" shows Mickey stomping the crap out of his girlfriend! He sure was a rascal in his first couple years...

Check out Minnie slicing off her own leg with giant scissors. Ouch!

There's a lot more than just these scenes I've posted. And this is just the beginning! I plan to post all kinds of stuff from awesome old cartoons, on this page, whenever I'm taking a break from making art of my own! Thanks for reading.


Max Ward said...

The minnie's yoo hoo scene has such cool lip sync and cartoon dancing in it. Not at all what you associate Disney with.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have this kinda crap in cartoons, now?

I'd rather watch this than anything showing on ToonDisney anyday.