Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was Kali's birthday this past weekend and it was the best time ever!!!!!! Shopping, massages, live concerts, drunk karaoke, Disneyland, and looots of tiramisu.

I got her a few gifts but here's the one I made especially for her! What could be better than to be surrounded by the three best cartoon characters?

Here are phun phriend photos from over the weekend! Look how much Kali and I enjoy each other's company.

STU IS THE MAN!!!!!!!! We've got a brand new television show coming soon where in it, we play - get this - wacky roommates!

Tim and Eric speak to us about the universe.

Oh these guys!!

I'm always that last guest to leave the party. Kali just notices that she hasn't seen us old pals since high school! And Stu has just seen the entire galaxy unfold before his eyes.. either that or he's just realized he left the oven on.

F is for Friends.

Happy birthday to you Kali, my #1 Budzone!!!!!