Thursday, February 4, 2010


This post is extremely girly, so watch out!

Here is Zooey Deschanel in this strange portrait style I've been going through as of late. I've been told this is the prettiest piece I have ever drawn. Interesting! Also flattering. :)

As I'm getting more and more prepared for my Scribble and Skarfy webcomics, I'm starting to add more characters to their universe. Below is one of my first quick sketches of Skarfy's little sister, Margot! She's 8-years old and loves her older sister Skarfy! She's very happy, sweet, and energetic. She also has a very spunky attitude.. I'm basing a lot of her personality on Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Her physical appearance is actually based on a little girl whom I saw while out about a week ago. I swear, this mom and dad had one of the cutest daughters of all time. Her hair was brown, short and fluffy, and she had flip flops on her feet while wearing this HUGE baggy sweater. She was adorable! So I felt like drawing her.

All I'm really working on right now is her color scheme. I'm pretty partial to the first example of a purple sweater, but I like the middle blue one too. Hmm.
Here is Kali's lovely noggin, below! She actually drew the original sketch for this, but never got around to doing anything with it. So I inked and colored over her pencils just for fun. I rather like how it turned out, I hope she does too!

A little drawing for Ben! This is his character Taxi Cab, inspired by our mutual hero Edie Sedgwick. I really like how this came out, mostly because I got just a tiny bit closer to the awesomeness and cuteness of how Ben always draws her!

Lately I am pretty obsessed with Edie all over again, actually. Here is my best crack at her during this weird half-realism/half-cartoony phase I'm having.

Lastly- my current profile photo over on Facebook. Heh.

Thanks for looking!