Sunday, June 14, 2009


Someone's blog reaches 100 posts today.

So to celebrate, here's a new addition to the site- my ragtag team of artist friends have gotten their very own special cartoony heads that I've drawn for my side links! A stolen idea from Kali's blog! And now also stolen from Zach Bellissimo's blog, since he beat me to it by only a couple weeks! It's okay though. It's a cool idea and it's only catching on, is all!

Recent breakout rap artist and maker of all things happy, Kali!!

Total BFF and genius sketch artist, Molly!!

Cute cartoon critter master and extremely talented boy wonder, Ben!!

Universal virtuoso and my very own adorable cousin, Jenny!!

Force of unstoppable cartoon brilliance and my greatest hero, Katie!!

Now THIS is what I call an anniversary present!!

Thank you so much, Katie and Luke!!!

Look! Here's what happens when you're at a pizza restaurant with John and there are placemats on the table.

kali is so sweet

Well gosh! Thank you, everyone, for visiting here and reading the past 100 posts of cartoon happiness and harmony. Here's to another hundred!

Hmm.. maybe the party invitations just got lost in the mail.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


My version of 80s cartoons continues! Here's one that I'm sure a lot of you remember, and I watched religiously as a little kid- DANGER MOUSE

This was a really strange British animated series with, I'm assuming, an extremely low budget; because every other scene had at least one recycled shot from the scene we just saw a moment ago. They must have had a total of about six drawings per episode, but no matter, it's weird characters and pure Britishness made up for it all the same!

Anyway, here's my hack roughs- looks like Jo the Faux managed to sneak herself in there somehow!

And this is just me messing with the layers in Photoshop, and then a happy accident occurred which made this turn out kinda cool-looking. Sweet!

Sorry there wasn't much to this post, but more 80s cartoons from Nico are on the way. See you next time!