Thursday, April 24, 2008



It's everyone's favorite Fire Crotch's special day today!!

Here we are all chillin' in such a way as tight dudes do:

Marlo is always on the go! And this is what she looks like on the go! She is a very modern woman.

For her birthday last year she received a handy little pair of EXTREMELY FAMILIAR pygmy girls! (below is a comic strip re-enactment drawn by Katie Rice)

awesome commercial
(cameo at 2:12)

So go on and wish your friend and mine,
Marlo Meekins, a happy birthday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


With special guest, Shawn Dickinson

The Big Snooze Commentary
Directed by Bob Clampett

Sunday, April 6, 2008


(Do you see what I did there? This post's title is an awesome pun! oh lol)

It's because all during this past week, I've been drawing a lot of my good pals. So get ready for a blog post filled with second-rate caricatures by me!!!!! ("second-rate" being not an exaggeration, "me" being Nico)

Hey, guess who this is!

ahaha Guess who!!

Everytime I am on the freeway with Kali, this is what it's like:

-this little lady below is one of my faaaavorite people-

You know...
Not many people know this, but small woodland critters love me! But not as much as I love them!!!!!1

guess whooooooo...

Oh my, here's a fine lady that we all know! Sorry for the cheating Photoshop filter but I think it gives it an interesting style.
This one of computer dude below is from my animated commerical last year, so it's an oldie... But it's still as true as ever.

I did this yesterday and it might be my happiest drawing ever!
You can't handle the awesomeness of these two, below. I wanna make a TV show about their everyday lives; with all the explosions, car chases and martini-equipped romance scenes that they really experience on an average basis.

"Welcome. Can we get you a drink?"

So match the cartoons to their real-life counterparts and determine if I suck at drawing or not! This below is just a screencap of my top friends on MySpace (i'm lazy), so some of the people shown in it are TOTALLY NOT EVEN DRAWN HERE... (just to make it more difficult yo!)

I'll draw even more pals later. Thanks for lookin'!