Saturday, October 6, 2007

Forgotten Stars

It's been forever since my last update! why oh why am I not drawing?

all my life I've obsessed over old Disney, Warner Bros. and MGM cartoon shorts, mainly because there's not much of an outlet today for the lesser-known studios. Like EARLY works by Lantz, and Terry Toons! Well thanks to John K's blog I've gotten a chance to check out some characters that are so old, they're NEW! To me, anyway.

I've only seen a few clips of each, but I love what I see so far. Here's a "LUCKY" little fellow who predates Mickey Mouse by 1 year..

and my doodles of him!

...And GANDY Goose, the most famous and gayest goose you ever knew.

and my silly little drawings of his silly little head.

k, time for me to not update for another 2 months.
HAHAhahaha NO REALLY I'll be good and try to update more.