Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Guess what! We submitted again to Channel 101 this past month, and got accepted into the screening! It played in front of our friends and a live LA audience. A great night was had by all. This brand new show is called "Gigglers"! It stars myself, along with Kali Fontecchio and Tara Billinger as the adorable title characters- The Gigglers.

Also co-starring Matt Danner, Deanna Rooney and Jack Cusumano! Thank you all so much for working and giggling with me during this production. I am super proud of it and I have only my friends to thank for it.

And sure, why not, I felt like doing fanart for my own show. DEAL WITH IT. :P

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Mitchell Vizensky said...

"I thought this was goanna be like Mac & Me!" LOLOLOLOLOL. Mr Mcgugenheim is a really cool character too. awesome video Nico.