Monday, January 31, 2011

Cartoon Burgers and Astronaut Dragons!

Hey! Fun stuff for you in this post! First up, my pal the amazing Myke Chilian's McBUSTERS series has just wrapped up it's 3rd and final installment!!! I helped a little bit on it!

Which means if you haven't already, click below to watch the ENTIRE kickass series NOW!

Only on Channel 101! I've been a huge 101 fan for about 6 years now, and it's amazing to finally be getting involved in it. I drew a teeny tiny bit of stuff for this episode of McB's: like an obese man, a cartoon heart, a couple props, and (an unused) Jesus Christ himself.

A couple of us even make a cameo in this third/final episode. Look out!

Along with all this, holy crap times are crazy and busy! Working on my own stuff has been (only slightly) placed on the backburner right now, on account of full-time studio work I've been doing for the show Nickelodeon BrainSurge. I'm pretty proud of a lot of it so far, and when the episodes air on TV and it's okay to share some of my artwork for it, I will do so here!

I've also been doing some commission work for my friends Sarah and Zack, and their band The Runaway Five. Here's a black and white t-shirt design for them based on one of their songs about a dragon in outer space, wearing an astronaut suit. Therefore she cannot breathe fire, which is a tragic event indeed.

And a venue poster for them! Still a work in progress but this is the gist of it.

Lido Pizza tablemat doodles! Complete with pizza grease stain. Scribble and Skarfy enjoy some [vegan] pepperoni pizza.

I know times here at my blog have been slow lately, but I'm just drawing so much stuff that simply cannot be shared online yet. Thank you guys for still visiting here though. :)
My next post, which is actually in just a couple days, is going to have something extremely special. Get yourself ready for: 4 QWAZY!!


Kali Fontecchio said...

The dragon is cute and so are Scribble and Skarfy eating!

Max Ward said...

hey cool stuff man! keeping yourself busy

Anonymous said...

Glad you're finding good work in the industry, Nico. Can't wait to see your artwork for that new show coming up soon.

Ryan Smith said...

Here's somthing I came up with that's pretty similar to your t- shirt.