Saturday, September 4, 2010


Wow, can you believe that YEAR after YEAR, Hollywood studios are kind enough to bring us exactly what we're happily familiar with? I'm of course talking about 'TUDE!!!

Well it's that time once again. This year has been no exception, and our animated movies are continuing to be slathered all over with delicious 'TUDE. Bring it on, Marmatude!!

Will Arnett and his intergalactic best friend bring us 'TUDE from beyond the furthest reaches of the galaxy!

One eyebrow arched? Check. One eyebrow raised? Check. Cocksure smirk? Check. Perfect 'TUDE? CHECK!!!

Sassy! What better way to sexually confuse your youth demographic audience than to show them the poster below?

Something's fishy.

NOW we're talking!!

Such 'TUDE! I wish I was the genius who is hired to come up with the tagline for these posters. I want to be able to roll around in millions of dollars too!

"Thanks for ripping off Balto characters, adding some gross Open Season spice and wrapping the whole thing in a gay Furry Fandom tortilla. Oh yea, don't forget the 3D!!!!!!"
- Zach Bellissimo

You're wrong, Bellissimo. This is pure genius and completely original and you know it. There isn't anything else like Alpha and Omega, it's a brand new idea that has the guts to be filled with things that have never been tried in animated features before. And not you or anyone else is going to stop me from being first in line to see it on opening day!!!

Hey, remember my movie poster post from a while back?

Doesn't this just look riveting?

Never in all my years have I see a more glorious example of 'TUDE. So much in fact that BOTH characters on this poster below are serving us with a double-whammy of it. "Hey guys, what if we have our two main characters on our poster making the exact same face?"

I call it brilliance. Perhaps even... 'TUDE overload?? Our old friend Shrek here can't even seem to handle these high 'TUDE levels. I'll cut you a break buddy and stop now.

Keep 'TUDEing, friends!!


Jorge said...

The chipmunk looks like Kali Fontecchio!

Malcolm said...

I actually found something worse than Alpha and Omega.
It's from a "cancelled" Disney project called "Gnomeo and Juliet"

Kali Fontecchio said...


Chenny said...

the megamind one is def one of the worst..they're just getting lazy now...i don't see why they're so scared of going back to those fully traditional painted posters..or even the abstract ones. Ah well...guess we'll have to look at more arch eyebrows and over amounts of tude for a bit more..or a lot more...who knows lol.

Nico said...

LOL, ouuuch. ZING!!!!

What in the f...

Me too! All this genius tends to hurt a feeble brain like mine.

I LOVE old posters, and those abstract Polish ones too! You've seen those right? So awesome..

Niki said...

You should make a movie poster of everyone why that same durn face.

Tara Billinger said...

Ugh, I don't know how to feel after viewing this post. XAX

Zach and I can't stand seeing that Megamind poster, especially when its a huge display. The details are so horrible up close.

We always say "When did the evil alien and President from Monsters VS. Aliens get a movie?"

I love these posts.

Nico said...

They already did! It's called Megamind.

"Ugh, I don't know how to feel after viewing this post."

Aw. I'm sorry for the deliberate torture. :(

"I love these posts."

Oh thanks! You're very welcome! :D <3

Anonymous said...

..."What the 'Shrek' just happened"?

I think I'm gonna barf. That shit is worse than "Imagine Greater" and "Great things come in bears".

Anonymous said...

I love these posts, though. It's so fun to see all this 'tude in one convenient place. You rock, Nico!

Nico said...

haha thanks John!!

Pokey said... much Tude. Boy, that Tara should does love her purple! [chekc our her hair! excellent Purple Peep Blog.]

THese posters like Megamind and Cats and Dogs II just get so much more stupdier; that it's funny. [And that's unfunny, if you ask me.]