Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Because nobody asked for it, let my movie countdown begin! Enjoy.




Bernardo said...

so now we know how nico sounds :)
all this sounds like the countdowns in "that guy with the glasses"

the kitchen REALLY sounds like something i don't need to see, maybe i would if i had the chance because it's so rare. At least it's not as long as "Sleep" o "Empire", wikipedia says that the unwatchability of the empire was an important part of the reason the film was created. I guess that's what anti-film means, it's not suposed to be fun or watchable.

yeah, and make more videos, this one was nice :D

Nico said...

Wow.. really? Funny that you say that because I'm kinda known for my videos, haha. I've been doing videos for years and years longer than I've been blogging, at least.

thanks for watching!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Molly said...

Great job, Nico! Happy to see many of my favorites included. I love the feature presentation interlude between each of the movies, excellent touch. Now I need to watch the few that I haven't seen yet!

Shawn Dickinson said...

Hey Nico, Great countdown! You've got a pretty wide variety of tastes. There's a few films on here that I haven't seen yet, but I'll probably look for them now that I've watched this.

Ukulele Moon said...
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allen mez said...

You're a tender sweet man.

Corey said...

Thourioughourly enjoyed that, sir!

Now I want to watch all of those films again, and some of them I haven't even seen!

I also love your awkward glances at the beginning.