Monday, August 9, 2010


Gonna go back in time! Scribble and Skarfy (above), circa age 8. They've been best friends since kindergarten, so it certainly has been a long road!

Just when you thought Twitter couldn't possibly get any worse...

Below is a portrait gift for the happiest family I know: Molly, Carl, Devo and McRib! Presented to them in the dark backseat of my car at Comic Con a few weeks ago.

A commissioned doodle sketch for the amazing and lovely Aron, of her partner-in-crime Christopher! The ROCKDRIVER. I love these two.

Here is a very kickass and handsome man; the dude behind RAD RAZ series, Jack Cusumano! And his precious little dog, Olive. If you've never been graced by her shivering little presence before, you are definitely missing out!

Oh look! This is also something I whipped up for Jack, albeit a long time ago.. his cute character Bangs, and her doggy doggy Ice Cream! They are both really cute and I like them too. I like everyone. hahaha aaugh it's late

More gifts/commissions and surprises revealed next time! Plus: NICO'S TOP 20 FAVORITE MOVIES.

If you would like me to draw a cartoon of your very own, feel free to go to my blogger profile and email me! I don't bite..


Molly said...

Thank you so much for the drawing! The whole family looks adorable. It may have been cramped in that backseat, Nico, but it was the best damn 5 minutes of my life.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Awsome caricatures Braaaaa.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Skarfy was into the hipster thing before Scribble. Even at 8 she already has blue hair and fake glasses. :p

Nico said...

It was for me too!! ...That is why we must never speak of it again.

Thank you.

Actually: 1, she really does need those thick glasses to see. And 2, Skarfy doesn't dye.. Navy is her natural hair color. I dunno why. 'cause she's a cartoon!

Benjamin Anders said...

Love the Molly and Carl drawing. I like the Bang's dog, Ice Cream. Good job, Nico.