Thursday, July 8, 2010


At last, one of the MANY art/cartoon projects I've had to keep hush-hush secret, can finally be shown! Happy birthday to my partner in crime(!) and close friend BEN!!!!

Drawn and animated by: Nico Colaleo (a.k.a. ME)
Jo voiced by: Zoë Moss
"Jo the Faux" character copyright Benjamin Anders

Would you like to see some finished keys from my "animation pro-cess"? Of course you would.

Jo would like to serve you some piping hot 'TUDE. Fresh!

I haven't forgotten about this blog, I swear! I am working on lots of art that just cannot be shown at this time. Just a little while longer though, and all of these answers and secrets will finally be revealed!!


Zach Bellissimo said...

Nico that is amazing!!!! Wow!
Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Kali Fontecchio said...

So cute!!!!!!! Happy birthday Ben!!!!!!

Nico said...

thanks friends! Sorry the actual video is pretty poor quality.. the animation, compression, and Vimeo all together don't add up to anything remotely clear-looking. The actual movie file looks clean as a whistle, but it's 40megs!

Benjamin Anders said...

This is mind blowing! Wasn't expecting this at all! You draw a really cute Jo. You kick ass! Thanks, Nico!

Zoë Moss said...

I am so happy I got to help make it all the more real :D

Awesome jorb you've done here, you.

Austin Papageorge said...

So... is that a chihuahua in a green bikini? I like it!

J Cola said...

Freakin' awesome duuuuuude!

Chenny said...

SOO cute!! her voice is also so adorable! i love how cartoony this is! more flash animation! plleeasssee!