Thursday, February 4, 2010


This post is extremely girly, so watch out!

Here is Zooey Deschanel in this strange portrait style I've been going through as of late. I've been told this is the prettiest piece I have ever drawn. Interesting! Also flattering. :)

As I'm getting more and more prepared for my Scribble and Skarfy webcomics, I'm starting to add more characters to their universe. Below is one of my first quick sketches of Skarfy's little sister, Margot! She's 8-years old and loves her older sister Skarfy! She's very happy, sweet, and energetic. She also has a very spunky attitude.. I'm basing a lot of her personality on Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Her physical appearance is actually based on a little girl whom I saw while out about a week ago. I swear, this mom and dad had one of the cutest daughters of all time. Her hair was brown, short and fluffy, and she had flip flops on her feet while wearing this HUGE baggy sweater. She was adorable! So I felt like drawing her.

All I'm really working on right now is her color scheme. I'm pretty partial to the first example of a purple sweater, but I like the middle blue one too. Hmm.
Here is Kali's lovely noggin, below! She actually drew the original sketch for this, but never got around to doing anything with it. So I inked and colored over her pencils just for fun. I rather like how it turned out, I hope she does too!

A little drawing for Ben! This is his character Taxi Cab, inspired by our mutual hero Edie Sedgwick. I really like how this came out, mostly because I got just a tiny bit closer to the awesomeness and cuteness of how Ben always draws her!

Lately I am pretty obsessed with Edie all over again, actually. Here is my best crack at her during this weird half-realism/half-cartoony phase I'm having.

Lastly- my current profile photo over on Facebook. Heh.

Thanks for looking!


Workshop Cooker said...

Judging from the title of the post i thought i was going to be treated to an interpretation of the 'Crue. Imagine my dissapointment to find in their leathery places a bunch of well drawn cute cartoon lady figures.

Kali Fontecchio said...

WHOA! Haha, I forgot I drew that! That's cool thanks!

I still stand by my earlier comment to you, that top drawing is the prettiest drawing you've ever done! I love it! But this whole post is pretty too! I like that Edie you did!

I like the idea of basing her off of Scout, I like that personality.

Molly said...

I am enjoying the half realistic/ half cartoony thing! Edie looks awesome!!

And yes, my vote it for the first purple sweater also.

Monique Lopez said...

Yeah, the Zooey's cute, but I think that Edie is one of the best pieces you've done to date!

Brett W. Thompson said...

Wow these are really beautiful!!

david gemmill said...

BOOYA!!! nice hair and mout on th second edie, but they are cool IMO.


Zach Bellissimo said...

Aw dude! I was just at a restaurant and the bartender chick totally looked like Zooey! Well she kinda did from the side, but she had the same haircut! She's an awesome actress and you did her justice.

The drawing you inked and colored for Kali is way cool too! You guys should collab more. It gooooooooooood! :]

I need to draw more girls. Think this post has given me the drive to do it!

Chenny said...

Margot is adorable!! i love the way you handled her sweater too...also your half realism/half cartoonyness is awesome! that Edie is beautifully handled, you need to do more pictures in that style!

Niki said...

Dude! I finished on Luz's drawing so now I'll finish yours!

Nico said...

hahaha, thanks buddy... I think??

thanks hun! That's really nice of you to say. And thanks for liking the ink job I did of your drawing! YES, I love Scout! One of my very favorite literary (and film!) characters.

thankyou! Yeah, pretty sure I'm going with the purple sweater with blueish neck. I might tweak it just a tad, but fir now that seems like the final for Margot.

awww, thank you!! You know that means a LOT to me, coming from a talented artist such as yourself, right? P.S.: I miss you!!!!!!

thank you kindly!

HAHA, totally. Nico's Taco Shop super fries are the spinach to my Popeye.

thanks so much buddy, YOU ROCKz0rz!!! Please pleeease draw more girls!! I absolutely love your hipster girl character. I'm secretly hoping you will draw her one day, totally hitting on Scribble. haha!! Hipster girls being bisexual is pretty much a given.

yay!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I think Margot is a total cutie, you'll definitely be seeing a lot of her here from now on. Also, yeah I think I'm gonna do more portraits if my favorite ladies.. Louise Brooks next? Amy Adams? Hmmm.

sweet, man! Can't wait to see.

callie! said...

YURF HONEY I love these drawings! It is hard to choose which one I like best. It looks like your drawings have gotten a lot better lately.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Very beautiful piece of Zooey:)

Food and Drugs said...

Nice characters. They seem to have a counterpart on real life.

Katie said...

Everyone is right, that Zooey drawing is adorable!

Nico said...

thanks so much, buddies!

Benjamin Anders said...

Always improving and getting even better. Love all of these drawings. Thanks for the great Taxi drawing. I have to agree with Kali, that Zoe drawing is one of your best!

Amir Avni said...

"Gurls gurl gurls, Nothin' but gurls, sure do love 'em" --country wolf from "Little Rural Riding Hood"

Munchanka said...

That's an awesome Zooey Deschanel! The loose strap is a nice touch.