Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Last post of the decade! Here's the last couple of holiday gifts- actually commissions, for my pals Kelly, Daryl and Sergio! Here is Sergio below. What a badass!

And here is a commission for my friend Kelly of her sister Daryl! Rawk on!

I got a couple of gifts over for the holidays myself! Extremely AWESOME ones!!

Look at what Molly and Carl got for me! I've been wanting a Holga camera forever and they quite literally read my mind on this one. I can't wait to get some film and try this bad boy out.

And Kali drew this SUPER CUTE drawing of Maude and Dumb-Dumb for me! Eeee! How amazingly adorable, I love Maude so much (might have a crush). Plus their little christmas tree is so bushy and cute to boot!

Also, HAPPY BOXING DAY?? Marl threw an awesome British-themed party to celebrate this Brit post-Christmas holiday. You could come as any character from english literature, music, film or TV. Here's me as Mr. D. P. Gumby!

Carlwork Orange and Molly rocks Bowie.

Jess as everyone's favorite British trainwreck.

I soon found out that Hellen and I both had the EXACT SAME IDEA!!!!! Oh just imagine the laughter that ensued.

There's a bunch more photos up on my facebook as well, check 'em out! Anyway. I've already got my next post planned with more cartoons from yours truly, so until then.. See you next year!


Kali Fontecchio said...


callie! said...

NICO YOUR GIFTS ROCK!!! Both the ones given and the ones received. I like Daryl's picture a lot YOU DREW A BASS GOOD. BLEAHHH!

Molly said...

Great job all around! And I love the Kali drawing- so cute!! Thanks for coming to the Boxing Day party and making it awesome!

Nico said...

thanks, lovelies!

Sergio said...


Kelly just gave me the cartoon this weekend!!! And she is very lucky that I did not check your blog before.

You did an amazing job!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! :-) I am very, very happy!


Waqas Malik said...

HOLY SHIT Clockwork Orange, CLOCKWORK ORANGE!!!!!! :O...i am so jealous right now.