Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm slowly but surely adding to my side list of BUDZONE heads! This time I've added the lovely and ever-crafty Jess, plus my two wonderful misfits Zach and Tara!

Z&T are new drawings, so here are the higher-rez versions to show off.
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Bonus: "Skarfy's New Toy"


bARE-eYED sUN said...

nice work. :-)

looking forward to more.

keep on bloggin'


Workshop Cooker said...

i just want to make sure that i understand that weapon correctly. It is a sword chainsaw?

Vincent Waller said...

I like her.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Whoa! Those Zack & Tara drawings are awesome!

Katie said...

That's a great Tara!!! She's so cute!

J Cola said...

the Jess Bates photo won't show!!

Niki said...

Scarfy is going to be a frightening person huh?

Zach Bellissimo said...

Aw man, Nico! Those are so badass! Haha Tara's all cheery and I'm just all droopy and crusty. Just like in real life!

I feel so honored to be inducted into your hall o' heads! Thanks so much, buddy! Your beyond awesome!!

And chainsaw Skarfy is badass as well. Would make a great t-shirt!

Ian Andersen said...

Glad I finally remembered to subscribe to your blog, Scarfy is incredibly cute in that drawing. Hope to see more of those two soon.

Tara Billinger said...

Whoa! I was not expecting to see my FACE in my blog watch list today.

I LOVE how you've drawn both of us. I laugh whenever someone draws me with my weird mouth smile hahah. You got me down soooo gooood.

Zach looks so adorable here. With his droopyness and all.

Im so stoked to be on your head list with all these lovely people!
Thank you Nico!

That scarfy sketch needs to be inked and polish, it is that good.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Mi momo Zach and Tara!

Nico said...


Good eye! It is a chainsaw chainsaw tommy gun hybrid. It shoots 120 rounds a second AS you thrust then saw your enemy. Skarfy only goes for the best.

Thanks buddy. She likes you too!


Thankyou! I stole the adorableness from real-life Tara.

Hm weird, it's working for other people. Maybe it'll fix itself soon

Nah, she's pretty harmless. She just likes to feel the power once in a while.

No problemo, budsauce! Although I would not say you are droopy and crusty at all! Your skin is very fair and pleasant, and you smell like flowers.

I've gotten a really good reaction towards the hipster girlz from everyone, so I think we'll definitely be seeing more of them. Also, thanks for subscribing!

Aww Tara, my pleasure! Drawing your heads was quite an honor for me. Also thank you so much, I have gained the drive to clean and color this Skarfy drawing! I think I reeeeally like Zach's t-shirt idea.. maybe I should make this drawing into a fashionable line of the cottonwear variety.


Ricky said...

Hey! Those are REALLY good Zach and Taras!