Friday, July 17, 2009


To be honest, the past three 80's tributes I've drawn and posted here are really the only animated shows produced during that decade that I actually watched. All the other cartoons I watched were already older classics; Looney Tunes, Disney, Tom & Jerry and so on. So today here's some cartoon drawings of two very special LIVE-ACTION 80s shows that were, and still are, very dear to my heart.

If you are an IRL friend of mine then you'll know that even to this day, I LOVE Fraggle Rock. I think it's only proper that I finally draw them. My final piece is the photo above. Here are some of my inks below!

And now..... let us do The Dance of Joy!!!
Perfect Strangers is a show about the corniest characters living together in the corniest situation, produced during the corniest years of the American sitcom. It's so corny.. that's it BEYOND awesome. It's such a great show!!!

Who couldn't love Balki and Cousin Larry?

I think I'm all 80s'ed out. Thanks for looking, everyone! Now to get back to preparing for Comic-Con next week. Check out one of the shirts John K. will be selling at his booth!


Kurdt said...

The 80s were kind of dry as far as good cartoons weren't they? It was the era of toy ad + lame moral = cartoon. I dunno, I grew up in the 90s when there was a boom of good new cartoons so maybe thats why I don't look on the 80s that fondly (as far as cartoons go).

However, your Fraggle rock picture made me squee with glee and I'm not even a girl.

Shawn Dickinson said...

hehehe. Great stuff!

Wembley was always my favorite Fraggle. He was always nervous. And he played the bongos!

Colter said...

I love the Fraggles. I forget all their names, what was the dude's name with the hat covering his eyes?

He was my favorite.

Jessica said...


Fraggles are the best!!! I remember trying to write a book report on one of the books when I was in elementary school. It was impossible because nothing makes sense and half the words are made up.

Perfect Strangers was also a personal favorite. Looking back I am pretty sure they made a lot of inappropriate sheep/goat jokes I didn't get in my youth.

I have one final question: What about the Snorks?

callie! said...

I like the drawings of the LIFELESS PUPPETS. Textures are fun.

And yay for the lineart of the TWO GUYS! I did not watch this show but the drawing looks like them so GO YOU.

Molly said...

Yay! Your Fraggles are awesome, definitely does the show justice.

Woo! Thank you for fulfilling my dream of seeing the Perfect Strangers in cartoon form. Balki is perfect! STRANGERS!

Kali Fontecchio said...

The textures are great- especially when high res!

Anonymous said...

Ahh man awesome!! I'm very jealous of your childhood

Trevor Thompson said...

Nico, do you remember the name of the Meposian marriage stick?

It's difficult to transcribe it here, because it's all in Bronson's delivery, but I'll give it a shot.

The Bretitatitootittattatitittattwee. You must also remember that on the 'twee' spot Balki turned his head to spit: TWEE!

And can I do the Dance of Joy? Well of course I can don't be ridiculous.

Great drawings, BTW!

- trevor.

Nico said...

THANKS EVERYONE!!! I appreciate your nice comments, my lovelies.

Colter: Boober!

Jessica: "Hmm, what if we took the Smurfs and just put them underwater? Hey, a new show!" That's basically how it went down. But I'll be happy to draw them for ya! :D

Bernardo said...

i know you are a fan of coraline, but
Can you see what's wrong with this image?

Nico said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmm let's seee uhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm. hhmmmmmmm. uhhhhhhhhh oh, could it possibly beeeeeee


Bernardo said...

yeah :(

sad isn't it?

it's like a virus, nodoby is safe.