Friday, July 10, 2009


(UPDATE: Never OVER-estimate the United States postal service! I would have made this post on the correct day, three days ago, but these pieces took extra long to get delivered so I had to keep them under wraps for a little while longer. ANYway...)

Go wish the dynamic brothers Ben and Scott a most happiest of birthdays this week! Ben is one of my best friends and when I'm feeling uninspired or crummy about my own art (which is way too often), he's one of the only people that can kick my ass and force me to bounce right back to being motivated. So if you like any of my cartoons, go and thank him for being one of my biggest influences!

I really like how my Betty came out. I tried to do true justice to the character by drawing her in the original dog-girl style, complete with puppy ears, that Grim Natwick helmed. Here's my ink below. Boop-a-doop!

What's interesting about the piece above is that it's my first time coloring with actual fancy markers that are used by all those bigshot cartoonists you like. Actually, they are Kali's fancy markers that she let me borrow. What a gal!

The girl on the left is our shared obsession, 60's socialite Edie Sedgwick!

And if you don't know who the middle character is by this time, then shame on you because you shouldn't even be at this blog! Don't forget, Jo is coming soon to a webcomic near you!

She even created a comic for her beloved creator on his special day.



Molly said...

Cute! Ben is a very lucky birthday boy!

Your Edie is so wonderful!

Jessica said...

Loves it! I think all sexy ladies need dog ears

J Cola said...

HAHA! I love the comic at the end.

Niki said...

I need a Ben to kick me into shape... I've been slacking. Still love the birthday drawing man!

Benjamin Anders said...

Thanks so much for the awesome gift package! There was so much stuff in it! I really loved the comic and the Jo/Taxi/Betty drawing. Also the Edie buttons were awesome too!

I'll be sure to include this stuff in my next post! ^_^

Thanks again, Nico!

Katie said...

Yay Nico!! I knew Ben would love those drawings. :)

I already said it before, but your first marker coloring came out wonderful!!

callie! said...

Yeahhh! I like how the coloring came out! Grate job, cheese! I am sure Ben was enamored with it.

Ricky said...

That Betty Boop is excellent, Nico! And the "Benfo" comic is really funny, particularly the part when the guy gets ripped up!

Nico said...

Thanks so much everyone! And Ben, you ROCK!