Monday, May 18, 2009


So if you're a frequent visitor of my other blog, you'll know that I'm pretty obsessed with actress Zooey Deschanel. So I thought it was time to try and pay my own tribute to her!

Check her out! Here she is in a live action/animated music video for her band She & Him!

Concept/lazy turd art by me, for upcoming Jo the Faux webcomic!!

Practicing Jo as much as I can. I wanna make Ben proud!

Lately Kali and I have been religiously listening to this lovely lady during our car rides- folk ballad singer Joanna Newsom!!

Her voice is SO high-pitched and cute. She sounds like a little baby who can sing! Her music is like something you'd expect to hear in medieval times, except with crazy lyrics about stuff like paying the bills, or kicking her dinner in the face. With karate!!

Okay why not, I guess I'll show some of my crappy early roughs. These were just meant for practice in trying to figure out how to draw her. These are attempts only! Yucky. Actually I kind of like the top left one, though.
Thanks for looking! Bye-bye now!


J Cola said...

I love your caricatures!!! Your textures are really fun. I want to know more about how you use Illustrator, because I am always impressed with your line work!!

david gemmill said...

BAM ANOTHER POST! thats like two in a row, short period of time.
barney rubble's son


Tim said...

Thanks for introducing me to Joanna Newsom.
"Are you in-TUR-sted?" Funny.
And I like the Zooey video cuz she wears white cowboy boots. I wonder if she watches Katy Perry videos and is sure to not wear anything similar so nobody gets confused.

Katie said...


I love the Jo drawings!!!! The first one, the little orangish one, is my favorite!

Lately everyone is buzzing about Joanna, but I've never heard of her...She's super pretty judging by the drawings you and Christine did of her!! Extra cute!

Jessica said...

These are great. Get some confidence man! Glad to see your lines are straight despite all the earthquakes!

Trevor Thompson said...


Niki said...

When it comes to music now, I'll listen to anything with an accordion!

Sean Wiig said...

Wow I love Joanna's singing! Real nice quality of voice.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Chalk up another great post, Leroyyy!

I love the harp playing in that music video.

Patrick McMicheal said...

Love your Zooey drawing!!! You even captured her posture. Zooey is just adorable and she seems like fun.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yay Joanna Newsom!

Sean Wiig said...

Oh, phooey. I live in Tokyo. I found out about her too late for this, but it was cancelled anyways, feh.

Max Ward said...

That guy in the band She & Him has a name very similar to mine...

Max Ward said...

By the way, how do you pronounce her name

Zoe-ee Duh-shan-ul


Zoo-ee Day-shin-elle


I've always wondered.

Nico said...

Jenny- Thanks hun! It's funny that you want me to show you stuff in Illustrator... after all, you're the one who taught me everything I know about the program! :)

Gemmill- You got that right, buddy! BOOYAZ

Tim- I agree! We are very lucky to have real talented young women like them in our entertainment today!

KATIE- Thank you dear!! That means a lot to me. Love 4 Jo!! :)
And funny, I thought you would have been a Joanna fan for a long time, because I can totally see her being your kind of music! It's like something you'd hear playing at a ren faire, I dunno. When I first heard her, all I could think of was you, to be honest!

Jess- Aw, thanks friend. Your kind feedback is honestly what keeps me from quitting, sometimes.

Patrick- I agree! Zooey seems like the kinda person who would be a friggen BLAST to hang out with, don't you think??

Hi Max!
It's Zoo-ee Day-sha-nell :)

Thanks every for your kind comments!

Hryma said...

Nice! She's like an elf with them ears. You should draw one of her with her harp!
Her voice is cool. A few years back I recall on radio (triple J) they had people (think it was a competition) call up and sing a lyric from 'sprout and the bean' like her.
good times! haha?

Dig the Faux as well!

Benjamin Anders said...

You are crazy! I hope you never delete this blog. The internet would lose a lot of the awesomeness that is only known as Nico.

Ps... you have so many comments!

Great Jo doodles and Zooey and everything!

Tinker Ramone said...

I love Zooey. The video always makes me smile. When I first saw it I just replayed it over and over. hah. I have never heard Joanna Newsom, I will have to check her out.

Hryma said...

My bad, it was 'The Milk Eyed Mender', it just came on my playlist. It's a good chorus to sing along too!