Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's my pal Zach Bellissimo's birthday this week, guys! Check out his incredible artwork and his guest strips for DummComics.com and show him some love!

Here's a drawing of us, for him! If we had a sitcom together, this is what it would be like:

Xtra treat: a cute lil' Kali head.

I have some more presents and commissions to post but they are surprises and I can't share them here until next week. So more and better(hopefully) art coming soon!


Zach Bellissimo said...

Hahahah holy crap dude!!! I love this! Aw man, haha I look so scruffy and pissed off and you look so poofy and happy haha. We should have a sitcom together, or atleast just a pilot. The bats and the flowers are a nice touch hehe.

Jeez, Nico, your an awesome guuuuy, thanks so much man, I really appreciate this -gets all choked up- My bday's starting off to be a really good one :]
Can't wait to meet you in person.

And I love the Kali drawing too lol.

Anonymous said...

Coooooool, Nico!!!

Molly said...

Kali head is awesome!

Workshop Cooker said...


Niki said...

You know Zach too!? I talk to himat times on deviant art! he's in my friends! Your in my friends Zach! just in case youe come back hear I want to say, your work is looney and that makes it awesome!

Ben said...

Awesome drawings! I love Zach's gift. Very fun ^_^

Also, Kali head rocks.

Keep up the awesome work!

Phantom Spitter said...

Flowers and bats!

Great stuff, Nico! I love the work you put up here. I'd never heard of Neil Hamburger before your previous post.

Nico said...

Zach- No problemo my main manG! We will SO meet soon!! You ever in LA often? OR- are you gonna be with Tara at Comic Con '09? You better be! BOOYA

Michael- thanx!

Molly- Haha, it's just a recycle from the Devo drawing. But thanks ;)

Casey- what's up budzone!! BAMZ

Niki- Totally dude!! Zach and I go way back! We went to Hogwarts together

Ben- Thanks buddy :)

Phantom- Thanks, it means a lot to hear people liking my stuff here! BTW, enjoy your new-found joy of the awesome power of The Hamburger!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Well I live in NY so I'm pretty much never near LA lol, but I'm definatley going to Comic Con. Its gonna be good times. -eats puke flavored wizard beans-

Kali Fontecchio said...


Max Ward said...

I have not seen the word booyah so many times in one comment section

Nico said...

see you at comic con Zach!


Niki said...

Dude, your gonna love this!

Shane PrigmoreCheck out the pretty pictures!

Arschblog said...

Happy Birthday Zach!!!
And Happy Birthday to you, Nico! Sorry I'm awfully late!>.<
Both drawings turned out really nice! I like the line-work and I like Zach's angry face!XD
And great job on the music-video!!!:D