Saturday, April 4, 2009


New banner time! Hope everyone likes it. I'm also getting a nice little art portfolio together. Here are some characters I created between 1999 and 2002, but this below is a brand new 2009 line-up of them!

This is for Brie! She's always wanted a dickcake so here ya go buddy

Here's a cartoon commission done for my friend Nadia!! Again, I'm always open to taking art commissions, sooo if you want something by me just shoot an email my way!

Spontaneous goodies time! Enjoy THIS MUSICAL INTERLUDE by none other than Kali, completely unrehearsed and improvised as it went along. She's so sweet for making this for me! This tune has been stuck in my head all week.

And also please try to enjoy this little slice of something; filmed in five minutes, with 0% thought! This is a weird one.

Presenting America's #1 Funnyman, Neil Hamburger!

WHO is Neil Hamburger, you might be asking? He's an LA stand-up comic with one goal: to be the world's worst stand-up comic. His timing is horrible, he's constantly hacking and breathing into the microphone, and he leaves the crowd confused, booing, and most of the time absolutely hating him.
What most audiences don't realize is that this is exactly what he's aiming for, and it's what makes him hilarious and brilliant for those of us in the know. Hellen, Brie, back me up here! (also, catch the episode of Tim & Eric that he guest stars in!)

Next time:
That special treat I've been hinting at...!!!

22 comments: said...

AAAAAHHAHAHA DICKCAKES. YESSSS. though i am clearly not invited to the party to enjoy them..

david gemmill said...

lolz nicework on the banner!

Niki said...

Nice new banner, Stolen by me now! Also, Penis biscuits! Birthday is tomorrow also! Monday I mean.

CaseyBug said...

Bah! No drawings for Casey? After I made all them doodles of you! You must not love me. Boooooo :-P

Aw heck, I loves ya anyways. I'm a sucker for a dysfunctional relationship.

Nico said...

Casey- Patience is a virtue. ;)

Niki- You've stolen my banner?? You FIEND.

Gemmill- thanks buddy! your doodle inspired me.

Brie- why do all you girls think I hate you?? Is it my angry man musk? BRIE I HAVE A PENIS PIE HERE FOR YOU AND YOU ARE ENTITLED AND ENCOURAGED TO COME AND SNACK ON IT. ..Does that prove my love yet?

Jessica said...

Nico- So much good stuff. Dickcakes?! A sure sell. The new header is handsome with a capital HAND. The munkey is lookin' good. We miss you, but glad to see you have been productive.

Anonymous said...

Great work on everything, bud!!

Yay anti-humour!

Ben said...

Hehe! This is awesome! Love the lineup. Your art has improved so much :)

Love all your drawings. And that video was super random. I had no idea you were filming it!

Leeann H said...

*... regains consciousness...*

That was a strange post. 'I am IMing'. D:

AND the Phallic Flan.

Molly said...

Ah! I just noticed the purple monkey balls!

Nico said...

Jess- Thank you! And I miss you too!! I'll see ya in a couple weeks though!

Darb- I love anti-humor! Obsessed with it lately (see ending of the Budzone video). Haha.

Ben- Yay! Hearing positive feedback always means so much to me when it comes from you, Ben. OH and thanks for letting us IM you crazy shit for the filming of that video, heehee!

Leeann- Aw, I hope it was still somewhat enjoyable. Dickcake, penis pie, phallic flan.. sorry this post was a weird one :(

Molly- Watch out, they're winking at ya!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yaaaaaaay! Dickcake!

Leeann H said...

Nico - it wasn't so much as weird as it was random. More like this please. Really! XD

I like a variety - in cake. :D

Trevor Thompson said...

Boy, do I know how to call it. When you told us that Hamburger's goal is to be the world's most unfunny comedian I thought immediately, "Tim & Eric probably love him".

Called it! I wonder who's unfunniest of the three. Irony is so hip!

Seriously, Nico. If you want to see someone who's ACTUALLY funny doing a hysterical job of NOT being funny then look no further than Norm MacDonald at the Bob Saget Roast. Genius.

This project yer doing, by the way, is killing me. Torment me no more, I wish to viddy it!

- trevor.

PS: Cool drawings as always, and I dig the new banner.

Workshop Cooker said...

That monkey has peeking balls. It is as if they are peering around a corner to catch a glimpse of the r-rated movie its parents are watching or hiding behind its parents leg when meeting a stranger. I am glad you did not give me Pasquale to whittle, that chest hair would have been tricky.

Zach Bellissimo said...

Haha I love that monkey, and I'm a man who enjoys his monkeys. I also love dick cakes...yea...

Good luck with your portfolio sir! I know you'll do good! Also thanks for the 2nd comment on my Coraline pic hhaha, much ablidged :]

Nico said...

Kali- Dickcake, dickcake, Watch out, it's coming for you!

Leeann- Aw, ok thanks! :) sorry guyz

Casey- I'm glad you like the monkey scrote, because it sure as heck appreciates such a fine gent and chef such as yourself!

Zach- Monkeys rules, don't they? Thanks for the kind words buddy! you are the wind beneath my wings

Hryma said...

This Devo thing intrigues me.

Shit-hot drawings!!

I once watched Neil Hamburger call some pub goers herpes carriers and other things as they entered the bar.
They were oblivious to the fact they were the joke. They took one look at his act and walked out.
As hard as he tries not to be, that was funny!!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Oh shit, I just noticed the monkey's testies.
Double win!

Nico said...

Hryma! Haha, that's AWESOME!! Hamburger rules.

Zach, don't you dare get TESTY with ME! HahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hellen Harty said...

Everything on here is gorgeous. I really bad llllllllove that video. I need to write a lot of repeated consonants in my comments so you know how true my sentences are. Genius genius genius!

Hellen Harty said...

Oh and you know I back you way up!!!!!!! I almost just cried at "...Madonna!" Absolute genius.