Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Holiday '08 greetings for one and all!

Choose your favorite to print out and make into a card! Give one to your ex! Trade them with your fellow collectors. E-Mail some to your Dad!!!

That's it for me. See ya next year! 2009 BITCHEZZZ

BTW- next year will be for cartoons! Real cartoons to shine. SHINE in 09!!! and 2010 AND BEYOND! GO OBAMA


Caleb said...

Haha, I like the first pic best. The text and photo seem to be telling different stories.

Jessica said...

Nico and Kali! I love love love these! Happy Whatever to you too! Nico, I got an SLR for my pagan holiday celebration. When you visit we must have photo fun!

Ukulele Moon said...

These are priceless!
Merry Christmas, Nico and Kali!

Niki said...

the last one, I want the last one.

Merry Pagan's mass everyone!

Anonymous said...

I got one of the best presents ever, Nico:

The first two seasons of Ren and Stimpy on DVD!

It's amazing!

Happy Whatever to you guys.

trevor thompson said...

Boy, that top one.

Kali looks like this nerdy kid Mike Shapiro who sat in front of me in Social Studies and once expectorated his mouth guard into my Muppets lunch box.

And you look like the excitable bookworm with retard strength that sat at my bus stop and would read D&D manuals. I forget his name, but his cousin's name was Jayram. Probably still is.

Marty Krammis, Attorney at Law, Dumfux, MI.

- trevor.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I'm not nerdy.