Monday, December 1, 2008


Check out my new obsession. ...Brie!!

We all love Brie! She's hilarious and extra cute, not to mention lightyears ahead of everyone else her age when it comes to drawing cartoons. You're pretty much gonna wanna check her out. She made her entire high school watch my cheese video!

Here's Tim and Eric. You're my pep-pep!

Also, Kali's theme for last week was: SPACEMAN. Here's what I conjured up.

Hope everyone had an awesome T Day. '08!! And don't forget to be thankful for the internet! It does a lot for us.


Jessica said...

I am thankful for your cartoons, the interweb, and blogs (because they keep friends in touch!).

Molly said...

Love the duck, and the empty space suit. Love Nico!

trevor thompson said...

Hell yeah, the internet rules!!!

So does Brie have a blog or a favorite cracker to put herself on when people are drinking wine?

- trevor.

Shawn said...

Hooray for internet! It gave me all my favorite fake friends, who are now my REAL friends in REAL life!

Hey, Nics! That was funny times watching Tim and Eric the other night! Great drawing there! His chin does look like a beef patty sandwich!

And the duck turned out good too!

I've always wanted to be naked in space!

P.S. This comment is stupid!

P.S.S. "Spaghettt!!!!"

Princess C. Banana H. said...

YESSSSSS!!! you are so I dont deserve to know you ;-; <3

also you draw Tim and Eric beautifully, its even better since im watching them and neil hamburger flit around. Erics my favie.

also I want to start a blog about wine and cheese now...its sad cause my dad was actually a wine person...sigh.

Andy said...

John is buff. How does he hold a pencil? Shouldn't it break in his fingers or something? Maybe that's why he's moved onto flash animation.

Hryma said...

Yeah that Brie does do good work!

Your duck is extra awesome too I'll add!

Max Ward said...

I've never seen your cheese video, where is it?!

trevor thompson said...

You like Tim and Eric??? Yeeeessshhh.

- trevor.

Nico said...

Jess and Molly, Molly and Jess. My two favorite human beans. Love you both!!

Spooked ya! You should've seen your faces. SPAGETT!

thanks love!

yep, John works out at the gym every day.

Thanks Hryma.

just added a link to the post. :)

"You like Tim and Eric???"

i can't think of anyone I know who doesn't. We all over here love Tim and eric

Max Ward said...

Hey Nico, I'm moving to Tucson in two weeks. Any suggestions for cool places to see? How far is it from Tucson to LA? You should start a "Nico's advice" blog so I could ask these questions in a more appropriate forum.

trevor thompson said...

Really. So John K. likes Tim and Eric? Why do I find that hard to believe?

You're much funnier and talented than both of those dudes. Happy Hour should be on [adult swim] in place of Awesome Show.

- trevor.

Nico said...

hey Max

I envy you! I miss Tucson dearly. to answer your question, it's about an 8 hour drive from LA.
Cool stuff to do? If you like to get drunk and party, check these places: The Shelter (near Alvernon and Grant), PLUSH on 4th Ave. (really ANYwhere down 4th ave rules balls) and definitely CLUB CONGRESS over on Broadway and Congress ($1 vodka drinks on thursday nights. Tell 'em you know Nico!). Make Congress a weekly thing, seriously. Everyone there kicks ass.
also THE GRILL is the place to go once the bars close at 2am and you're waiting to sober up. best 24 hr diner ever. order the BOWL OF TATOR TOTS!!

hmm, what else? Guadalajara Grill is the best mexican food in town. Check out Trail Dust Town for some cowboy atmospheres, great steaks and watch my brother Nino in the nightly stunt shows. plus There are four Gavi Italian Restaurants in town, all owned by my family. best italian food in town. Hmm. There's always something going on downtown, and around the University area. oh And lastly, keep your eyes peeled for Happy Hour! it plays randomly on Access Tucson channels from time to time.

T town's a pretty quiet city but if you know enough people you can make it amazing. we should hang next time i visit!

Hellen Harty said...

Loooove the Tim and Eric! The one eye... I couldn't live without that one eye. You're a super artist with a heart of gold.

Max Ward said...

Wow! What a response! Thank you! I'm not 21 but I'll still try to go to all those bars. Next time you're in Tucson let me know!

Ben Forbes said...

Ummm.... why does Nico rock?
There is some really awesome stuff on your blog, really! Post more art ^_^

Please and thank you!

Nico said...

"why does Nico rock?"

Years of practice.