Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's some of the very latest cartoon 'TUDE for everyone! (see last year's post on the subject if you have no clue what I'm talking about)


Don't mess with these guys!!!!!!

Seinfeld the Bee provides you a stinging amount of 'TUDE:

Foghorn Leghizzle 2009 bitchez!

Action pose, check. Cocky smirk, check. One eyebrow raised, check. 'TUDE? CHECK!!!


'TUDE IT UP!!!!!

The best 'TUDE yet. Who knew we were supposed to take monkeys so seriously?


trevor thompson said...

Why do you hurt us? We were told this would be a happy place.

- trevor.

Jessica said...

Pictures 2,6 and 8 remind me of shirts that fat ladies wear. Just sayin'

Molly said...

Haha, I especially love the 90's looking ones. Wow. And those cartoons at the bottom are hawt!

Andy said...

Tude displays confidence, and people love confidence. Especially the laaadies.

Frank Macchia said...

i threw up a little when i saw that picture of mickey...he's irritating enough without attempting to have street cred

hillarious post...now i'm gonna be walkin around all day with one raised eyebrow

Nico said...

yo T,
no sarcasm here- 'TUDE is hilarious to me. the exec motives behind it are shitty but the idea is so absurd that i've learned to embrace it

Jess Bates,
go and people-watch at any shopping mall and you'll find that your assessment is a reality. BOOYA!!

Molly darling,
indeed! and I especially love the hotties at the bottom

Sure! Why else would alvin and the chipmunks make as much money as it did? CG rodents in hoodies make girls SO HARD, yo!

don't forget the half smirk!

Hryma said...

I'm a little ashamed to say that I was once a friend of the tude.
I had a Bugz and Taz 'in the hood' t-shirt. I think I liked the color scheme more than anything and I'm standing by that.

Come on, who else is ashamed to say they liked it when they were were a younin' in the 90's?

Aint that cat at the top about 50% of cats in reality though?
I don't know of any real dogs that have tude? Dogs are cool. hehe :b

Hryma said...

That was meant to be youngin'

trevor thompson said...

Well.... okay I admit it.

I was the first kid in school to sport the Bugs and Taz wigger shirt Hrym talked about.

You know the one. We see these two formerly respected cartoon stars resorted to trademarks used to lower the standards and make us pay a higher psychic price.... in a Kris Kross stance no less ( everything is to the back with a little slack because inside-out is wiggida-wiggida-wiggida whack ).

I had completely changed my tune come Space Jam, though. I'm actually not allowed back at the theatre where I saw it, so enraged and livid was I.

But my pal Mike Peters ( 'Mother Goose and Grimm' ) was my savior; he knew Chuck Jones and called him at home and we regalled sundry tales of the good ol' days, and he talked about Space Jam and what they're doing to the characters.

I wrote a post about it. Like to hear it, hereitgo.

- trevor.

Shawn said...


Pokey said...

Hey, Nico and gang...did you know that Shirley Temple's fans have planned, for her birthday on last Sunday (4/23/11),) to do a 1930s classic Shirley Temple doll BUT....

1.with backwards baseball cap.

2.with hoodies.

(look below)

April Fool

Pokey (blog), who hangs head in shame

(hey. At least Art Clokey never made ME or GUMBY or others into clay rappers. There WERE Clay wrappers, but that's another story..)

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