Friday, October 31, 2008


Sorry for lack of updates! Been busy toiling at the ol' day job, plus working on this video for John K's cartoony presidents toys. Buy the toys at, or if you live in LA you can go buy 'em from John himself at Meltdown Comics & Toys. This Saturday (November 1st, that's only in like one day!!!) @ 2pm. We'll all be there and I'll be taking photos probably.

Anyway my video's brand new and hot off the griddle, so check it out below! Millions of thanks to Eric Bauza, Kali Fontecchio, Sean Batton and Wade Minter for being a part of it.


allen mez said...

Pure quality. You done good.

Thank you.

Jessica said...

I already posted on myspace, but your video is THE great. Hope everything is going well!

Justin said...

ahh ha ha ha! Nice work!

That warning at the end was hilarious. Is this going to be shown anywhere special? Do you get commission? YOU SHOULD.

Nico said...

thank YOU, Allen!

thanks Jess! I miss you so much buddy.

thanks Justin, yeah John's making a post about it on his blog. Plus he has promised me some free beer hahaha!

Hryma said...

Your a bloody clever dick aren't you!

Bob said...

awesomeness, you did a good job man-child