Saturday, September 6, 2008


yeah OKAY- the following has nothing to do with cartoons. But this is my blog, fools!!! So let's take a break!

A couple of my bestest friends Molly (fellow Happy Hour cast member), and Carolyn (frequent world traveler extraordinare) wanted portraits taken earlier this week. And I wanted an excuse to put my camera to action! (or just hang out with them. yuk yuk)

So that's just what we did.
'n I would really like to share some of my favorites here:


This wall downtown was actually painted these 2 different tones of color! For no reason!!!

molly is amazing

so is caro!!!!!

i enjoy friendz.
OK cartoons will return next time. Thanks for still looking!! you are my true pal.

p.s. -
The PARTY BUS was a complete (drunken) success!!!!!!


Molly/Carl said...

Such a great week! Thanks for everything!

trevor said...


Although I know it's good to have such camera-friendly subjects as these two ladies, I'm sure some of the credit goes to your abilities. Kudos!

What kind of camera do you use? Why does it look like film?

- trevor.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Fuckin' party bus- YOU CRAZY.

Hryma said...

Party bus, cool. What's a party bus do?
Damn your photoskills are grand, very talented Mr. Nico

Justin said...

wow, did your friends just happen to be wearing shirts that matched the colors of the wall?

Nico said...

Of course! This weekend is gonna be the shizz, too. Oh, and thanks again for the Big Cowboy Steak last night. t'was delicious!!!

thanks. Canon Rebel XTi, 18-55mm lens. I'm saving up for a 40D SLR though, i can't wait.

Oh shush, you would have loved it. ...If you were INVITED. HA.

It's like renting a limo for a night, except it's a BUS. so It's 1000% cooler. Party bus comes complete with tables & chairs, booths, tvs, neon lights lighting up the aisle, coolers for all yer beer and liquor.. and a STRIPPER POLE.

YES! the 3 of us were laughing for about 10 minutes before we actually got around to taking the photos

Hryma said...

Wow, that is cool!! nice.
"Hrymantula" I like that too, spiders are awesome!

On other things, I dreamt that you came over last night, weird 'ay! But it was at my house that I grew up in, dreams where I dream of my house are alays that house never any of the other three.
And you brought Kali too and I expected ya's to go home that night, like it was around the corner or something. Then I realised you live in America!'
So I let you's stay the week.
We just talked dream jibberish, can't remember the converstations but it feels like I've already met you now.
Hope that doesn't seem creepy.

Word up too, my embarrassing tunes are probably about a week away.


Nico said...


I just read this to Kali! we giggled