Monday, August 18, 2008


Duuhhhhhhhhh -

..currently in the middle of moving to a new place.... did more drawings of friends, check below... brain fried, can't type complete sentences....


cute marlokins


So my buddy Hellen is leaving for China in a couple days, to be an english teacher! Good luck Hellen!

Pics from her goodbye party this past weekend!!!!!!!:

molly & carl - my favorite people

dude! yes!!!!!!


david williams

i leave you with this:

OH, ALSO!!!!!
We've just completed the 13th episode of our comedy show Happy Hour last week. It's a 40-minute episode, so it's a doozy! Click the Happy Hour logo below to check it out. Ya better watch it, too... Marlo and Kali are in it!


Molly Moxie said...

So good! Hellen LOVES her drawing. Thanks so much for making the party so amazing!

trevor said...

Darn it all to heck and back, Nico, I knew you were talented, but I didn't know you were a DJ!

The commercial remix was awesome ( because I didn't know you could put block rockin' beats underneath the Spumco music library ), as was everything else... I didn't even care that I'd seen most of it before!

Fact, I'm gonna watch it again!


- trevor.

Chris L said...

Hey Nico, just an off topic question that you may have gotten before. I'm a glasses freak and you've got the most iconic pair of specs I've ever seen. What are they?

I thought they were Shuron Freeways what with the thick black rims and key hole nose bridge, but they have that funky square shape and they're so huge! Anyway, like I said, just curious (I sport a pair of Ronsir's myself, best glasses I've ever owned.)

Keep cartooning.

Nico said...

hi Chris,

the brand is Danilo Carraro and I got them from Italy! No way could I ever find glasses like these here in the States. :)

Hryma said...

Cool as cartooning champ!
40min! wowza, I don't think I've got the attention span to sit at a computer for that long.
Maybe one day the Happy Hours may be released on divada? Or maybe I can organise to purchase a copy?
I just find it easier to sit at the tv is all;) I will watch some though=)

Nico said...

funny you should mention that.. we're working on a dvd box set of all 13 eps right now. :D

I can't say too much but we got bonus features crap too, and commentary on every ep.

speaking of.. Would anyone listen to an episode of Happy Hour commentary if I was joined by Kali, Eddie and John K?


*ahem* back to work...

Hryma said...

Awesome and double awesome, I love bonus crap!

No, no one would listen to commentary by Kali, Eddie and John K.

Now that's being an asshole.
Sorry had to do it, bloody oath we would!

Hryma said...

Oh yeah I watched some too, was really getting into it, then the wireless dropped out. I only got up to the earth oppening title.

trevor said...

I'd listen to a commentary for Happy Hour if it were by anyone. But, my first choice would be Noam Chomsky.

I like his voice.

- trevor.

Ben Forbes said...

AWWE! Awesome drawings dude! Really :)

More more more!

trevor said...

Ooo, ooo! OOOO!!! A commentary from the cast of Cheers!!!

Come on Nico, I know you can do it!

Seriously, what the fuck is Rhea Pearlman doing anyway? She'd probably do a Happy Hour commentary for a copy of "Variety" and a bus pass.

- trevor.

Ben Forbes said...

Haha! It's alright. I enjoy getting comments.

The site is going well... It should be launched in the coming weeks :)

I have MSN/AIM if you want to chat about cartoons and art.

Nico said...

wow, well if people out there are ACTUALLY interested about this stuff, then I'll say this:
As of right now every commentary is filled up... all with me, plus joined by two different happy hour cast members for each one. But i'm thinking about doing one episode with an alternate commentary with Kali only for the sole reason of her having nothing to do with that show. :D

did this post lead to a discussion about my retarded comedy skits? i wanna know if people like the cartoons in this entry!

Ben, email me!

Hellen Harty said...

These are all so awesome!!! I have a favorite of course (I'm incredibly narcissistic). As Molly put it so perfectly, thank you for making the party so amazing! You may have heard, I'm in fact coming home, just didn't work out as planned, but I got to be in China for a week, and Japan for a night! Bonus. Anyway, it was a good party either way! Thank you again, Nico! You are too talented!

Nico said...

..Hellen's coming home??

HOT DAMN!!!!!! let's hang plz.

Hellen Harty said...

Most definitely!!

Nico said...

Did you know Carl's sister owns a Party Bus?? It works just like a limo- you rent it out, and the driver drives you around all night with you and your friends drinking inside and picking up MORE friends! HELLEN. THERE'S BOOZE, A TV, AND A STRIPPER POLE INSIDE THE PARTY BUS.

It seats 14 people! Molly told me tonight that she's planning everything. we're shooting to have this thing next weekend.

This is only relevant here because I am so happy that you're coming back just in time to join in. Yay!!! PARTY BUS

trevor said...

When will the DVD(s) be available for sale?

- trevor.

PS: No Cheers commentary, huh? Rats.

Ricky said...

That Brian is really really good... it's my favorite.