Friday, August 29, 2008


aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ..Still in process of moving to new apartment!!! I'm basically couch surfing at the moment and my only current source of internet connects only in spurts. Very. Short. Spurts. It feels like it's 1996 again!

But everything will be normal again soon, just gimmie a coupla weeks. right now my teensy bit of innnernet shall use all its strength to give you more cartoons of my peeps:


kyle trueba = awesome dude

I'll give you a huuuge hint as to who we now live a few minutes down the street from.


Hryma said...

First post!! Damn yeah! Had to say it sorry.
Excellent dude, as usual=)
Just a heads up I've got some tracks, though it may be some time before I structure/mix them.

Molly/Carl said...

You need to make a wedding cartoon of Carl and I! Just please try to make me as pretty as possible. Like, I won't be terribly upset if you replace me with Louise Brookes, just sayin'.


Katie said...

Haaa ha ha ha, thanks Nico!!! I've never seen Luke so...clean-shaven looking! :)

trevor said...

I'll give you a huuuge hint as to who we now live a few minutes down the street from.

Huuuge? Hrm. Natalie from The Facts of Life?

- trevor.

Nico said...

sweet! Mix them and we'll work from there. i know we can make this into a beautiful thing.

my concrete plans for the wedding caricatures are as follows: Cartoon of you and Carl, scan into the highest rez possible and blow it up. Print on a huge banner and hang it right above the alter for the entire reception. I already have this entirely scheduled and planned out for November of next year, so much in fact, that it's kind of way past the point of canceling it. Without blowing a few grand on your part, that is. To be perfectly frank Mrs. Johnson, you have no choice.

I really made him clean up his act! I'm glad i have given you such happiness.

you're actually surprisingly close.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yay! Katie and Luke are so cute!

Nico said...

thanks Kal :)
i can't wait to see you hun

Andy said...

Damn you and your amazing inking skills! (Is it even called inking if you're not using any ink...? Aha..)